The Fandom Post is reporting that Tubi TV is now streaming The Daichis – Earth’s Defense Family anime in its subtitled form. However, the site’s report points out that the first episode of the 13-episode anime is missing from the service.

Originally known as Chikyuu Bouei Kazoku, the anime was an original series from Bandai Visual and Group TAC that aired in the Winter 2001 season. Created by Shoji Kawamori, he worked on the script and mechanical design while Tetsu Kimura served as the director.

The story of The Daichis – Earth’s Defense Family is described as:

Yesterday, dad suffered as a programmer in a dead-end job, mom worked to forget her regrets about being married, sister struggled to balance her homework and keeping up the house and little brother used silly pranks and outrageous behavior to keep everyone laughing. Today, they are the Earth’s front line of defense against the extraterrestrial invasion. Can they find a way to keep their family together while defeating the aliens on time and under budget?

Source: The Fandom Post