Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 4 – “The Gateway to the Past”

At the beginning of the episode, we see Moroha getting along with the elders association, and her great-grandfather gives her a gift… the lucky water kappa foot that Kagome was given at the beginning of Inuyasha. However, unlike her mother, Moroha actually appreciates the gift. This was definitely a laugh out loud moment for me. But even better, it turns out that kappa foot plays an important role later in the episode, and isn’t just a throwaway gag. But after seeing how the kappa foot was used in the feudal era, could this be the reason why it became a lucky kappa foot in the first place? Ah, the paradoxes of time travel.

Anyway, we see Towa in school and Setsuna has become a prodigy in playing the violin. Even though Moroha and Setsuna seem to be adapting to modern day Japan, Towa wants to return so she can find the dream butterfly and restore Setsuna’s memories and her ability to dream. But after Moroha discovers Root Head and finds out how they can return, Towa is conflicted because she loves Sota and his family and doesn’t want to hurt them.

We get a wonderful scene of Sota and Towa looking at a photo album that has pictures of Kagome in it. Towa gets to learn about Kagome, and finds out that Kagome traveled to the feudal era. In this scene, Sota gives his blessing to Towa to return to the feudal era.

When the time comes to return to the feudal era, the three girls encounter the spirit of the Tree of Ages, which has taken on the form of Kikyo. As it’s explained in the episode, the image is an imprint from the arrow that had sealed Inuyasha to the tree. The spirit asks the girls to take on a quest to stop Beast King Kirinmaru, who is attempting to twist time and return the world to nothingness. She asks these three, because they are the granddaughters of the Great Dog-Demon, and specifically the fact that Towa and Setsuna are the daughters of Sesshomaru. Moroha is all for it, but Towa and Setsuna are not. This makes the spirit of the Tree of Ages angry, and it unleashes Root Head on them. This is where the lucky water kappa foot comes in, and I loved how it was what ultimately gave them the ability to defeat Root Head. Unfortunately, defeating Root Head means that Towa might never be able to return to modern day Japan.

This episode seems to show us what happened to Rin, and I’m curious to see how she ended up in this situation. Hopefully we’ll get backstory for this at some point. We also see that the Dream Butterfly is in the same location as Rin and the spirit of the Tree of Ages. And it appears we also got a brief glimpse of Sesshomaru’s feet during this scene as well, and the spirit seems to be talking to him.

So far with this series, it seems as questions are answered, more questions arise. But I think that’s a good thing, because it means there’s more for this series to cover as it progresses. Just as long as there aren’t a lot of loose ends at the end of the series, then it should be fine.

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