Takara Tomy Is Streaming an English Dub of the Cap Revolution Bottleman Net Anime

Takara Tomy has posted the first English-dubbed episode of the web anime for its Cap Revolution Bottleman franchise. The web anime debuted on Takara Tomy’s YouTube channel in Japanese on October 9, 2020.

Itsuro Kawasaki directed the episode at Gaina (formerly Fukushima Gainax), and Sayaka Ono. The rock band The50kaitenz is contributing the theme song.

Takara Tomy describes the episode as:

“This is a cap revolution for me and COLAMARU!”

BOTTLEMAN, a new entertainment that has revolutionized the world. In the virtual space, Drink World, People use BOTTLEMAN to do Bottle battles with one another. All strong bottle fighters, aim to be the Bottle King.

The main character, COTA COGA, meets his partner BOTTLEMAN “COLAMARU” to become the best Bottle King in the world.

Source: ANN

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