Sekai no Owari Vocalist Fukase’s Bad Mood Animated Shorts Are Streaming on Amazon Globally

The official Twitter account for Bad Mood — the character brand of Fukase, lead vocalist for the band SEKAI NO OWARI — has announced that animated shorts based on the brand are now streaming globally on Amazon Prime Video. The first 17-minute episode of the Bad Mood anime’s six total episodes is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in English.

The shorts follow The Pink Elephants, a fictional band with five members: Fishman, Butt, Rabbit, UFO, and Moth. The shorts depict the havoc in their daily lives.

The cast includes:

  • Walter Q Jackson is Fishman
  • Daniel Duncan is Moth
  • Graham Barker is UFO
  • Edward Mo is Butt
  • Vinay Murthy is Rabbit
  • Sachiko Relnich is additional voices

SEKAI NO OWARI perform the theme song “Fangs.”

Source: ANN

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