Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 3 – “The Dream Butterfly”

This episode opens right where the previous one left off, although we get a brief bit of backtracking to show Mistress Three Eyes, Setsuna, and Moroha appearing in modern day Tokyo and Towa’s sword being broken when she attacks the demon. However, everyone is surprised when the pearl in Towa’s eye (which she didn’t know she had) is activated when Mistress Three Eyes turns toward her, and Towa manifests her demon powers. The energy sword that forms with the handle of the broken sword is actually rather impressive. However, it takes both Towa and Setsuna to take down the demon. Moroha and Setsuna recover their pearls, and it seems like everything is going to be OK.

But, when Towa tells Setsuna that they’re twins and tries to get close, Setsuna starts attacking her. Moroha, though, has the ability to determine what demon someone came from by sniffing them, and she says that Setsuna and Towa have the same demon energy, and both smell like Sesshomaru. Setsuna still doesn’t believe it, though. Things get intense when the grass root demon, Hitokon, takes control of Towa and her power. Unfortunately, Mei approaches the battle, and Hitokon decides to possess her instead. Of course, since Mei has no demon power, the best she can do is pick up a rock and try to hit people with it. This was kind of amusing, even though it was happening in a serious scene. But it’s here where we see Setsuna using her demon slayer ability by using a medicine to put everyone there to sleep and forcing Hitokon out of Mei.

Before this takes place, though, Kagome’s mother really gets a good look at Moroha and realizes that Moroha’s eyes look just like Kagome’s. I’m glad to see that Kagome’s mother seemed to realize that Moroha was her granddaughter. I would have been sad if, after Moroha appeared in modern day Tokyo, that no one in the Higurashi family realized that they were related.

I really liked the scene afterward when Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha go to Sota’s house. First, because we finally get to see Sota’s wife. It’s a good thing he married a woman who’s so understanding and believed Sota when he said that demons actually exist. It’s also revealed here that Kagome’s mother told Sota about her suspicions about Moroha, so Sota and his wife have an idea that one of the girls now living under their roof is their niece.

Near the end of the episode, we learn something about Setsuna: she isn’t able to sleep or to have dreams because they were taken by a Dream Butterfly. Apparently, the Dream Butterfly also took her memories, which would explain why Setsuna can’t remember her childhood or Towa. Poor Towa feels so guilty when she overhears this conversation between Setsuna and Moroha.

It should also be mentioned that in this episode, we do get two scenes in feudal Japan, where Kohaku and Hisui are talking with Kaede, and they learn a little bit about Setsuna and how she has a twin sister. Kaede reveals that shortly after the twins were born, Sesshomaru came and took them from the village. So we have confirmation that the girls were born in the village, but we still have no concrete information on who their mother is. We also learn that Setsuna came back to the village when she was older for a “rite of courage and cowardice.” At this point, these characters assume that Sesshomaru put her up to this, but there’s no concrete evidence. And since it was revealed that Setsuna has no memory of Sesshomaru during the battle earlier in the episode, we either have to assume that the characters have made a wrong assumption, or Setsuna’s encounter with the Dream Butterfly happened during the rite of courage and cowardice.

We also learn about Root Head’s root being attached to the Tree of Ages, and Kohaku and Hisui learn the truth about the Bone Eater’s Well and about how Kagome and Inuyasha would travel through time when it still worked. But the audience learns that Root Head’s root being attached to the Tree of Ages is very problematic. From the preview, we see that this is going to play a part in the next episode. Someone the audience knows from Inuyasha also shows up in the preview, but I’m not going to say who it is in order to avoid spoiling the surprise.

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