Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 2 – “The Three Princesses”

This second outing for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon sets the story by showing Towa and her younger twin sister, Setsuna, being separated during a forest fire when they’re four years old. It was nostalgic to see Towa reappear in modern-day Japan and seeing the Tree of Ages at the Higurashi shrine. But seeing the grown up Sota and reconciling that this was Kagome’s little brother from Inuyasha was kind of hard at first. But seeing him interact with the young Towa was sweet.

Before I move on to the time skip, though, I have to say that from the bit we saw of Towa and Setsuna as children, that Sesshomaru was an absentee father. And since we see these two young half-demons sleeping in the forest on their own, it gives the impression that their mother (whoever she is) isn’t in the picture, either.

Anyway, we learn through narration that Sota adopts Towa and she becomes Towa Higurashi. We jump ahead in time 10 years, so Towa is now 14 years old. Back in elementary school she stopped a bully, and has become the target of delinquents since then. Since she keeps getting into fights, Towa keeps being transferred to different schools. Towa is starting her first day at yet another school (an all-girls’ school this time), and we meet Mei, Sota’s biological daughter. Mei is incredibly cute and adorable, and it’s not surprising that Towa is protective of her little sister. It’s interesting to note that we see Sota at this point, but we have yet to see Mei’s mother. However, right at the beginning of the time skip, there is a sign showing the names of the family members, and the only name I don’t recognize is “Moe.” I’m assuming this is Sota’s wife, and we just haven’t met her yet.

Unfortunately, the delinquents find Towa as she’s headed for her first day at her new school and challenge her to a fight. She easily wins, but ends up late on her first day. It was kind of amusing to see her homeroom teacher chiding her about “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and scolding her for being late because she got in a fight, but then almost cheerfully tells her they’ll overlook it this time but to not do it again. Poor Towa thought she was going to be expelled for sure.

We then get a scene in feudal Japan, and we are formally introduced to Moroha (the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome) and Hisui (the son of Sango and Miroku). We get to see a grown up Kohaku, who is now in charge of the demon slayers. Not surprisingly, Hisui is a demon slayer. And it shouldn’t have been surprising that Kirara is being used by Hisui now. It’s also revealed that Setsuna, Towa’s sister, is also a demon slayer. It’s interesting that even though Setsuna is a half-demon, she has become a demon slayer. It should also be noted that when Moroha and Setsuna encounter each other, they have no idea who the other is. Which means, they have no idea yet that they’re cousins. Well, it seems that not only was Sesshomaru and absentee father, he also didn’t exactly keep up any kind of contact with Inuyasha over the time that has elapsed since the end of Inuyasha: The Final Act. Moroha and Setsuna start fighting each other, since it’s thought that Moroha was the demon terrorizing the nearby village. It’s cool to see that Moroha is capable of using both a sword and bow and arrows… and with the arrows, we see that they are sacred arrows. Looks like Moroha inherited traits from both of her parents in this regard.

But their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a female three-eyed centipede-like demon who looks suspiciously like the first demon the audience saw in the original Inuyasha anime. It’s revealed that Moroha and Setsuna both have rainbow pearls, and that this demon has been looking for them. The demon manages to get Moroha’s red pearl and Setsuna’s gold pearl… right by the Tree of Ages.

In modern day Japan, the delinquents that Towa beat up earlier call on their “big bro,” and they take Mei, Kagome’s mother, and Kagome’s grandfather as hostages, tying them to the Tree of Ages. Towa comes to the rescue: she defeats the delinquents and saves her family. But just then, a portal opens… and Setsuna, Moroha, and the demon appear in modern day Japan. Towa recognizes Setsuna’s scent, but Setsuna doesn’t recognize her sister. The episode ends with Towa’s sword breaking as she tries to take on the demon.

This was a nice way to end of the episode, but I definitely had questions. What exactly are the rainbow pearls, and how did these three come to be in possession of them? Why has Setsuna forgotten about Towa? How did Setsuna become a demon slayer? Hopefully, at some point during the series, we’ll get the answers to these questions.

But those questions aside, I do have to say that this episode worked as a true introduction to the three main characters. While it took a little bit to get used to the older Sota and the older Kohaku, this series feels like a true extension of the original series. The writers for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon have done a good job of capturing the tone and feel of Inuyasha and letting it shine in this new series. I hope this quality will continue as the series progresses.

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