Manga Review: Last Round Arthurs Volume One

Last Round Arthurs Volume One is a manga adaptation of the light novel.

Last Round Arthurs Volume One
Written by: Taro Hitsuji
Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
English Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: September 22, 2020

The focus of this story is on the King Arthur Succession Battle. This is a tournament that determines who is worthy enough to inherit the power within King Arthur’s soul. There are a total of 11 participants in the event.

At the beginning of the volume, we are introduced to two of the 11 participants. Luna Artur is the weakest of the candidates and has the weakest knight (Sir Kay) serving under her. Before the battle at the beginning of the story, she sold her Excalibur for money and is using a “shabby sword.” We are also introduced to Luna’s ex-friend, Felicia, who is also one of the 11 candidates. Just when it seems that Luna and Sir Kay are going to be defeated, a mysterious young man shows up and saves Luna. His name is Rintarou Magami, and he is trying to impress Luna so she will allow him to join in. He wants to be part of the King Arthur Succession Battle but has not been invited by those in charge to participate.

Rintarou transfers to Luna’s school and discovers that she is serving as the student council president. He, along with the reader, also discovers that she acts a lot differently at school then she acted during the encounter with Felicia. Luna acts stuck-up and is using Sir Kay to put on idol concerts to raise money, as well as her profile, for her re-election as student council president. She decides that Rintarou wants to serve as her vassal, and insists he licks her boot. He refuses, of course. Rintarou ends up in the same class as Luna, and we see even more of her true personality come out.

At this point, I found myself becoming quite annoyed by Luna. She really wasn’t coming across as a lead character that I would want to care about. It’s obvious we’re supposed to be following her during the King Arthur Succession Battle, but at this point, nothing about her personality made me want to wish for her to succeed. Rintarou was also coming across as a shady character at this point as well. I was wondering whether I should want to care about the two main leads of this series or not. Later in the volume, though, we start learning a little more about Rintarou… and he starts becoming a more sympathetic character. Although we see a softer spot for Luna right near the end, it still wasn’t enough to quite make me care for her yet.

Volume One does a good job of establishing the concept of the story and laying a foundation. However, I’m not sure it was effective at making readers care about the two main characters. Hopefully, future volumes will find ways to make both Rintarou and Luna at least somewhat more likable. As it is, though, I’m not sure I’d personally be in a hurry to read future volumes of this series.

Fans of the original Last Round Arthurs light novel will likely be able to appreciate this manga. I’m sure there are fans of this type of storytelling out there who would appreciate this manga as well. However, this volume just isn’t as enjoyable of a read for me as I was hoping it would be.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by Yen Press

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