Case Closed: Episode 984 – “Kid vs. Komei the Targeted Lips (Part Two)”

For some reason, when I logged into Crunchyroll this morning and went to the page for Case Closed, this episode wasn’t showing up there. However, when I Googled “Case Closed Episode 984,” the page for the episode was at the top of my search results. Thanks to this, I was able to find the episode and watch it. Hopefully Crunchyroll will have fixed this issue by the time this review is posted.

The episode opens with the recap. It was on the short side, and conveyed the absolute basics that the viewer needed to be reminded of the plot that happened in the first part of the episode. But it felt sparse for a recap.

After the buildup in last week’s episode, this episode just felt a little… weak. It turned out that Conan and the inspector from Nagano had their suspicions about what happened and that the Kazuha with Hattori wasn’t the real Kazuha. But Hattori didn’t notice. In fact, he almost kissed the disguised Kaito Kid. LOL!

Even though Kaito Kid is revealed, he manages to get away (as usual). Even though Hattori was blind to the fact that the Kazuha who had been with him recently was a fake, he did pick up on the fact that the jewel collector wasn’t the true owner of the treasure that was stolen. The collector revealed this when he talked about how he got the item, because he got so many basic traits about it wrong. Near the episode, there is a touching scene of Kaito Kid returning the jewel to its rightful owner.

After the ending credits, we get to see the result of a subplot that had been hinted at earlier. The inspector from Nagano needed to talk with the Tokyo MPD because of an envelope that had been in their deceased comrade’s locker for a year. Even though the writing on the envelope was a bit smudged, the envelope was addressed to the inspector from Nagano. Inside is his younger brother’s cell phone with a bullet hole through it. We heard earlier in the episode that the inspector hadn’t heard from his brother in a while, and this was his explanation… his brother was dead. But, the ending of the episode hints that the younger brother had some kind of connection with “Zero.” This seems to be setting up yet another thread in the Case Closed series.

There was no episode preview or any of the other of the things that appear after the end of the episode. I’ve noticed in recent months that this normally means there won’t be an episode the following week. I’ll see next week whether this holds true or not.

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