Vertical Announces Forthcoming Manga and Novel Releases

Kodansha Comics announced at its New York Comic Con Metaverse panel that its Vertical imprint has licensed Suzuka Oda’s Pretty Boy Detective Club manga series based on NisiOisin and Kinako’s Bishōnen Series novels. The company will release the manga in two-in-one omnibus editions starting in Summer 2021.

The publisher also announced that Vertical will release the Monogatari Series Final Season box set in Summer 2021. The box set will feature exclusive art by VOFAN, and it will include the following seven novels:

  • Tsukimonogatari (Possession Tale)
  • Koyomimonogatari Part 1 (Calendar Tale)
  • Koyomimonogatari Part 2
  • Owarimonogatari Part 1 (End Tale)
  • Owarimonogatari Part 2
  • Owarimonogatari Part 3
  • Zoku Owarimonogatari (End Tale Cont…)

Source: ANN

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