Case Closed: Episode 983 – “Kid vs. Komei the Targeted Lips (Part One)”

The episode opens with Hattori and Kazuha traveling on a train to Tokyo. Hattori is caught up in the kiss Ran gave to Shinichi on the cheek while on the Kyoto trip. But in his mind, he saw it as a kiss on the lips. Hattori wants to tell Kazuha how he feels, but he doesn’t want to be upstaged by Shinichi. He’s extending the rivalry past the detective work, which is kind of silly. Oh well.

Anyway, we find out they’re heading to Tokyo to go with Ran, Conan, and Kogoro to a museum for a display of a rare pearl, the Fairy Lip. The display is being put on by the rich man who likes to pick fights with Kaito Kid, much to Kogoro’s dismay. Helping him out is an inspector that we’ve seen before (I forgot his name, but he’s related to a couple of other characters we’ve seen before), and this inspector comes up with an idea of how to display the pearl where it can be protected and still be seen.

Kaito Kid is hiding among the security guards, and he realizes that Conan, Hattori, and this inspector are all there. But he picks up on Hattori’s nervousness about Kazuha and decides he can seize on that for his plan, which he launches.

And, sure enough, when it’s time for the crime to be committed, Kaito Kid is disguised as Kazuha and takes advantage of Hattori’s feelings for her to pull off his heist. But I have to say, it’s pretty amazing what Kaito Kid manages to pull off.

I thought the setup for this story worked well, and it’s great to see Hattori wrestling over his feelings for Kazuha… even if I do think he’s acting rather silly about trying to one-up Shinichi at such a time that he confesses those feelings to her. I guess it shows that Hattori really does view Shinichi as a rival.

The ending was a great hook to make the viewer want to come back for the next episode. But after seeing the preview, I’m wondering if this story will conclude in a second part or if it might go into a third. I’d be happy either way, as long as the story isn’t either rushed or drug out.

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