Case Closed: Episode 982 – “Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (Part Two)”

The episode started with just the right amount of recap to remind the audience of what happened in the previous episode.

The first half of the episode focuses on the fact that Conan has realized that the owner of the restaurant didn’t actually commit suicide, and that he and the other Detective Boys are determined to figure out the true culprit with the help of the police. The first thing they quickly determine is that whoever killed the owner committed the other murder first to create a reason for people to think that the owner had committed suicide.

Through interviewing the main three suspects again, they discover that there was no way that any of them could have a motive to kill the owner. After some deduction, Conan figures out what they need to do to find the evidence they need to determine the culprit. He assigns Ayumi and Ai to talk to the staff at the restaurant again, he sends Mitsuhiko and Genta to start asking questions of employees at local hardware stores, and Conan goes to the hospital and starts asking questions there. This is accomplished with a montage sequence, but we don’t get to hear any of the dialogue. This is important, because what they learn from these investigations is revealed in a scene near the end of the episode. Although, I do have a hard time believing that doctors would openly talk about patients’ conditions with a kid who isn’t related to the patient. But then again, I don’t know what kind of privacy laws, if any, Japan has when it comes to giving out this kind of information. Looking at this through the lens of an American, where we have laws on the books forbidding this kind of thing, this comes across as unrealistic. But since I lack the knowledge of how the Japanese handle this kind of situation, I could very well be looking at this plot point through my own cultural bias.

They have all of the information they need… except for proof of a motive. The Detective Boys decide to talk to this suspect and bring up every piece of information they have in order to get this person to confess to them that they’re guilty.

I believe I mentioned last week that with some information that was revealed, that it was being established that a certain individual was behind both murders. It turns out I was right. We did receive a couple of hints in the previous episode, and this is laid out, along with all of the information that the Detective Boys discovered earlier in the episode… and it pieces everything together to determine the guilty party. The police show up right at the end, saying they want to question everyone again, and the guilty party agrees to share with the police what they just talked about with the Detective Boys. I did appreciate how the writers didn’t utilize Conan’s usual trick of knocking Kogoro out and using the voice-changing bowtie to reveal information and get the guilty party to confess.

This was actually a pretty good two-part episode, even though I had a good idea of who the murderer was by the end of the first part. There was just enough going on in this episode to keep me invested in the story in order to learn all of the details of how this culprit pulled off both crimes.

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