Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2: Episode 11 – “New World”

The episode opens with Kirito getting a call from Rinko that Alice has disappeared from Rath. Suddenly, his doorbell rings, and there’s a deliveryman with a large package. It was pretty easy to guess that Alice had mailed herself from Rath headquarters to Kirito’s house. At first, Alice is rather angry with Kirito and she lets out all of the emotions she’s been feeling. Kirito finds the words to calm her down.

A lot of the episode shows Kirito interacting with Alice at his house. First, there’s a scene in the training hall, and we see they have a sparring match. It’s pretty short, though, because they both break their wooden swords, and Alice manages to get a headbutt in with her metal head. Ouch, that had to hurt. But they end up in an awkward position of Alice being on top of Kirito. I bet Asuna would’ve been ticked if she’d seen that.

We also get a scene of Kirito, Alice, and Suguha talking at the dinner table with Kirito’s parents. I remember seeing the mom in previous series, but I don’t recall seeing the dad prior to this. I could be misremembering, though. Kirito gets a talk from his parents, with the dad emphasizing Kirito’s future. Kirito announces his intentions to change his focus when he’s out of high school, which includes studying at a college in Japan and getting what he needs in order to work at Rath. This makes Alice happy, of course, because that would allow the two of them to be near each other. We see that while Kirito’s parents want him to think about his future, they’re also proud of him for how he’s saved both game worlds and the real world. His dad even knows Kirito’s nickname of “The Black Swordsman.” It was amusing to see Kirito’s reaction when his dad referred to him by that nickname.

Alice receives a message that she shares with Kirito. They determine it’s a code to reveal an IP address. Kirito believes it’s the IP address that will allow them to return to Underworld. Rinko believes this is Heathcliff’s doing, and she sends Kirito, Alice, and Asuna back to Underworld with that IP address. What they find there surprises them… and me. They end up in outer space, and are looking down at the planet that Underworld inhabits. A lot has changed since we last saw it. The descendants of Kirito and Eugeo’s pages are now flying fighter jets in order to fight against space monsters. While there is a gap of generations, these two girls look eerily similar to the pages. It must be something in the DNA, but they recognize Kirito and Alice. Yeah, I guess it was interesting to see this, but at the same time, I was kind of like, “Uhhh… what?” I know 200 years had progressed, but goodness! I was not expecting to see fighter jets.

To be honest, though, this episode is kind of a letdown. The ending was quite vague. Yes, it was leaving open the idea that there can be adventures in the future with these characters, but still. At least the previous Sword Art Online series didn’t have such unsatisfying and vague conclusions. And we still have the major loose end of Vassago’s whereabouts. I’m sure that if the story continues at some point, he will likely reappear as a villain. But this ending, though. It’s like, “I followed this series all the way through, even though the pacing was awkward in the first series, and this is the conclusion we get?” Can you tell I’m disappointed with this ending?

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