My Roommate is a Cat Manga Launches on Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Entertainment is proud to announce the addition of My Roommate is a Cat to the Lezhin Comics catalogue. Originally published through Flex Comix in Japan from June 2015, the currently ongoing series was most recently adapted into an anime by Zen G in January 2019.

The story follows mystery author and recluse Subaru Mikazuki as he meets and adopts a stray cat, Haru, after visiting his parents’ memorial. Subaru has completely withdrawn from society after the tragic death of his parents, but slowly begins to open to the outside world. If only to make the occasional purchase of cat food for Haru.

The charming tale follows the perspective of both Subaru and Haru, giving unexpected depth to simple interactions between the hikikomori and his four-legged companion. While the anime adaptation of My Roommate is a Cat saw wide release, an English version of the manga hasn’t been as readily available to international audiences.

The honest and heartfelt story isn’t to be missed and with the first episode available for free, there’s really no excuse not to give Subaru and Haru a shot.

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