Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 23 – “It’s Cinderella-ish”

Yes! I finally got to see the part of the manga that I’ve been wanting to see animated for years… the school festival play. “It’s Cinderella-ish” worked as beautifully in animation as I thought it would. It elicited quite a few chuckles. But among the humor, there was something very important that happens in the dialogue at the end of the play between Tohru and Kyo. And this interaction surfaces for Kyo a couple more times during the episode, and we even see this affect Tohru right at the end of the episode. By the end of the episode, it’s clear that Tohru and Kyo like each other, but they can’t let themselves believe that the other reciprocates their feelings.

Another important plot point involves Yuki and Machi. Yuki comes across three girls bullying Machi because she says that Yuki isn’t a prince. Yuki wants to intervene, but Kakeru stops him. Kakeru leaves to cook up a scheme to save Machi, and Yuki gets to overhear a couple of things from Machi. While he doesn’t entirely like the first thing she says, the other two things she says about him makes both Yuki and the audience realize that she is somehow able to see through the image that Yuki projects and has figured out a little bit of what he’s really like. This dramatic moment is disrupted when Kakeru’s plan is put into motion, but this scene seems to be adding weight to the idea of a Yuki and Machi pairing.

We also get a scene of Hiro losing his temper with Haru, and letting something slip that he shouldn’t have. At least Hiro recognizes that he screwed up, even though he won’t say it out loud. But poor Kisa gets the wrong idea from a remark that Haru makes to Hiro in response to the younger Soma’s outburst. Poor Kisa.

Another worthy scene to mention is when Shisho shows up backstage, and talks with Hanajima with Kyo standing nearby. Kyo’s reactions were very humorous.

All in all, though, this was a great episode. The early part of the episode focused on the play, so it was able to start with some humor. While there’s some drama that takes place throughout the rest of the episode, there’s just enough comedic elements infused into these scenes that they don’t feel like such a contrast to the light-hearted play that opened the episode.

It sounds like this cour of the second season of Fruits Basket will be the last until some point in the future when they continue the series, with what I assume would be considered Season 3. If this is true, it’s a little disappointing that Fruits Basket will be coming to a temporary end, and that I’ll have to wait a while to see more. I truly enjoy watching Fruits Basket every week.

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