Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2: Episode 9 – “Beyond Time”

The vast majority of this episode focuses on what’s happening on Ocean Turtle. Which makes a lot of sense, since there are loose ends to be tied up in the real world. The episode opens with seeing what happened in the real world when Asuna logs Alice out of Underworld and announces her intention to stay with Kirito. I thought this was a good way to open what’s happening on the real world side, since it directly connects back to what we saw in the previous episode.

The immediate concern is trying to log both Kirito and Asuna out of the STL, and we see Higa and Kikuoka opening the bulkhead again in order to work at accomplishing this task. The American troop invaders notice the movement. The computer expert guy (I forgot his name) sends most of the troops to one location, but he and Briggs go to the bulkhead. There, they find that Yanai has been killed, and that Kikuoka and Higa are there. Kikuoka is armed and shoots at Briggs, killing him. Computer guy goes to find Gabriel and Vassago, and finds that they’re both dead. He starts panicking, because he’s so used to be ordered around by others and not being in charge.

Speaking of Gabriel, we get a horror movie-like scene of Alicia, the girl Gabriel killed when they were kids, taking his soul. It was kind of creepy to watch, but there was some serious poetic justice there. And why am I not surprised that the expression on Gabriel’s corpse looks so twisted?

Well, computer guy is badgered into doing something by another member of the team, who had been close with Briggs. They decide that if they can’t retrieve Alice, that they’re going to blow up Ocean Turtle and flee. So the stakes are upped once again.

The mission to remove the detonator has its own twist when the robot Niemond appears on the scene. And this robot has a secret, which is the major twist of this section. But let’s just say that Niemond manages to get the job done and save Ocean Turtle.

There’s another twist right at the end of the episode, and I believe this twist is setting us up for one more major incident on Ocean Turtle in next week’s episode.

Oh, and there’s a final scene after the credits of Kirito and Asuna in Underworld, which picks up where the final scene of last week’s episode left off. Basically, they decide they’re going to try to make the best of their current situation.

I hate to be so vague in some of this write up, but if I say anything more, I’ll be providing spoilers… and there could be readers looking at this who haven’t watched this episode of Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 yet. I don’t want to inadvertently spoil any surprises.

With what is set up here, I can see how they can get another episode out of the story. But how are they going to get two more, I wonder? I guess I’ll have to find out by watching the final two episodes.

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