Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 22 – “That Isn’t What I Want”

The first part of the episode sees Yuki finishing up his discussion with Kakeru. Kakeru thinks it’s kind of strange that Yuki would look at someone his age as a mother, and throws out a couple of scenarios concerning romantic love that would explain Yuki’s thought processes. But Yuki says that no, he really does think of her as a mother, and explains his reasons why. The two of them get into a hilarious argument that includes kicking a soccer ball. The humor is broken up with Kimi showing up and punching Kakeru in the gut. This scene is a great example of the combination of drama and humor that appears in the episode.

Meanwhile, at the Soma house, Tohru realizes just how many lines she has for the upcoming play and is panicking about memorizing them all. She’s talking with Shigure, who discovers while looking at the script that Kyo is the prince. Let’s just say he ends up laughing nearly as much as he did when he and Yuki discovered Tohru living in the tent at the beginning of the first season. Kyo comes home just then, and he confiscates the script. Kyo tries flirting with Tohru using the script, but Yuki comes home at that point, and Kyo is embarrassed. Tohru gets called away for a boiling over pot, and Yuki takes the opportunity to goad Kyo. Yuki tells him that Tohru now has the hat that Kyo abandoned with Yuki when they were kids because he didn’t want it anymore after Yuki touched it. As we see in Yuki’s thoughts, he’s trying to encourage Kyo to make some progress with building a relationship with Tohru because he wants her to be happy. But between this scene and a scene we see later in the episode, I wonder if Yuki’s goading about the hat was really the right thing to do. Sure, we get a sweet scene between Tohru and Kyo near the end of the episode, but was it really worth making Kyo sulk like he did over the hat?

The rehearsals for Cinderella are not going well. Kyo refuses to show up, and Tohru just can’t play an evil person, no matter how hard she tries. The student who wrote the script wonders if the play was miscast, and ends up deciding to rewrite it, especially due to all the trouble Tohru is having. Tohru also asks for the prince’s part to be rewritten, because then maybe Kyo would actually show up to rehearsals. We see at the end of the episode that the rewrite is done, but the audience doesn’t know anything about what the rewrite contains.

Among all the drama involved around the play and around Yuki and Kyo, we also get an amusing scene with Ayame and Mine at the school, since Ayame is going to be making the costumes for the play. The class’ reaction when they learn that Ayame is Yuki’s older brother is priceless. And Mine gets to shine in this scene as well. It was a great way to relieve some of the tension of the drama that’s going on at the same time.

We also get to see a scene of Yuki, Machi, and some girl from Machi’s class. When Machi declares to the classmate that there’s nothing prince-like about Yuki, he looks surprised at her reaction. But there also seemed to be a little more to his reaction than that, though.

Seeing the title for the next episode, I think next week will finally be the week that I’ll get to see the part of the manga that I’ve been wanting to see animated for years. I can’t wait. 🙂

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One comment

  1. terranceacrow · September 4

    It sure was great to see Mine again!
    “But there also seemed to be a little more to his reaction than that, though.”
    Given how she knocked in a door to free him from the closet, I suspect she might have feelings for him. I think they’d make a great couple!

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