Case Closed: Episode 979 – “Leading a Detective Around By the Nose”

This episode sees a young woman named Kanae coming to Kogoro, claiming that someone stole her precious brooch and left her a note written with newspaper letters. The note tells her where to go, but to not involve the police. She decides to come to Kogoro to help her instead. Kogoro decides to take on the case.

This basically leads into a scavenger hunt, with Kogoro and Kanae finding more notes that tell them to go to other locations. For the first two or three spots, we see a shadow figure following them. There’s also near misses when it comes to accidents that could have hurt Kanae and Kogoro.

When it comes to the shadow figure, the animators tried to make it look like someone suspicious. But I liked the twist that it was actually Conan secretly following them around. Around the third location, though, Kogoro finally catches him. When Conan gets a chance to talk to Kogoro alone, he learns that a building across the street from the first location has a connection to a case that Kogoro solved that took place before the beginning of Case Closed. Once this fact was revealed, I had my suspicions about the true nature of the scavenger hunt. Conan seemed to feel the same way.

On the way to the next location, Kogoro drops Conan off at home and tells him to stay there. Of course, Conan doesn’t listen and continues his own investigation. What he learns and figures out is very important for the case and backs up the suspicions I had earlier in the episode.

I can’t go into much more detail than this, because it would provide too many spoilers. But what I will say is that it was interesting to see how Kogoro accidentally ends up in “Sleeping Kogoro” mode, and how Conan was able to use this to his advantage.

Even though I basically figured out the truth by the midway point of the episode, the execution of the story was still interesting enough for me to want to continue watching and see how the truth was revealed.

I should also note that there was actually a next episode preview, as well as a “next Conan’s hint” segment and the other things that usually appear at the end of a Case Closed episode. Could this be a sign that the series will be returning to more of a sense of normalcy, instead of only having episodes every other week?

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