The Roku Channel Is Streaming the English Dub for the A Wind Named Amnesia Anime Film

The Fandom Post is reporting that The Roku Channel is now streaming an English dub of the A Wind Named Amnesia anime film, and it is available to watch for free. However, their acquisition of streaming rights comes from Discotek Media so the availability for it is somewhat limited as it’s only open to viewers in the United States and Canada.

A Wind Named Amnesia was originally brought to North America by Central Park Media.

The story of A Wind Named Amnesia is described as:

Are we shackled by civilization? What is a human being, when freed from the pressures of society? A Wind Named Amnesia explores Earth after a mysterious wind blows away all of humanity’s memories and reduces people to a more primitive state. Through certain circumstances, Wataru has relearned how to speak and think, and now is determined to find out just what remains in the wake of the wind. Joined by a strange woman named Sophia, the two of them set out on a journey across what was once known as the United States of America. Along the way, they will witness the true nature of man, and just what it means to be human.

Source: The Fandom Post

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