Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2: Episode 7 – “Awakening”

Now that Kirito is up and about, he starts to take on Vassago. At first, it looks like Vassago has the upper hand, but the spirit of Eugeo appears to Kirito and helps him to log out the American, Chinese, and South Korean players. From there, Eugeo’s sword regenerates, and now Kirito has two swords at his disposal. Kirito is able to utilize the Night-Sky Blade’s abilities to ultimately take down Vassago. Since his sword was made from the demon tree near Alice and Eugeo’s village, he uses the memories of the blade to trap Vassago in Underworld with a kind of “poetic justice,” if you will. But, finally… Vassago has been defeated! And after a brief reunion with everyone, Kirito whisks Asuna away so they can go save Alice.

But on Ocean Turtle, events take a turn for the worse. One of Gabriel’s men is supposed to accelerate time more in Underworld, but discovers he needs a key for an override. One of the other guys decides to shoot at the panel, and it triggers a warning. Through an explanation, we learn that it’s going to reach maximum acceleration in 15 minutes… and if they can’t get Kirito and Asuna to log themselves out of Underworld by the end of the time limit, they will die. As we learn, 200 years will pass in Underworld once maximum acceleration is reached, which is beyond a human lifespan.

Even though this is relayed to Kirito and Asuna, they’re both convinced that they can save Alice and log out by the end of the time period. The episode ends when Alice is trying to part ways with the dragons, and Gabriel appears… and Kirito jumps in to save the day. The final shot is a side-by-side of Kirito and Gabriel, both looking determined. So in the span of roughly 10 minutes (since five minutes had already elapsed before Kirito was contacted), they will need to defeat Gabriel, save Alice, and log out. This seems like a tall order, but I’m sure Kirito’s “protagonist powers” will save the day. The question is more, how exactly will he use them to pull off what currently seems to be impossible?

Wow… the stakes were upped quickly in this episode. It appears that there are supposed to be four more episodes coming up, and I’m just afraid that this final battle between Kirito and Gabriel is going to be stretched out. We’ve had good pacing up to this point in Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2, so I’d hate to see it get bogged down right at the end. I know stretching out a battle that has a time limit is a hallmark of shonen anime (for example, like Dragon Ball Z), but I was hoping to avoid that here. The title of the next episode is “The Night-Sky Blade,” so it appears Kirito’s weapon will be playing an important role somehow. It’ll be interesting to see how this series ultimately executes its final episodes.

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