futekiya Announces Five New Boys’ Love Manga Licenses

futekiya, the online boys’ love manga subscription service, has announcef the license acquisition of the following five BL manga titles from Group Zero.

The Perfect Son (The Complete Edition)
Story and Art: ri-ru

Satoru Ichihashi is an average delivery man in a secret relationship with the head of the Aikawa Corp, Yukiya Kaji. He adores Yukiya’s refined nature every time they meet up. And despite Yukiya having a family, Satoru is still besotted with the older man.

But everything becomes complicated when Yukiya’s son, Kyosuke Kaji, visits Satoru’s workplace to demand that Satoru break up with his father. Satoru vehemently refuses, saying that there’s no other man besides Yukiya and even dares Kyosuke that if he satisfies him better than his father, he might change his mind. To Satoru’s chagrin, Kyosuke takes the dare a bit more seriously than he thought.

Tyrant Boyfriend~6 UNDER GROUND~ (The Complete Edition)
Story and Art: Ukya Iwashimizu

In the busy streets of Shinjuku, Keigo lives a careless life as a gangster. Before meeting Haiji and his gang, he was alone and unwanted. Now, Keigo is Haiji’s most treasured pet, and Haiji will end anyone who gets to lay a finger on him. In a world of violence, will these two be able to last?

Love DO!!
Story and Art: Samba Maekawa

Writer Mutsumi Eda moves to an isolated house in the countryside because he does not want to spend precious time and effort getting to know people. But his efforts are shattered when cheerful Tetsu blunders his way to his house, and maybe into his heart? A fun, heartwarming love story in the middle of nowhere.

Now That’s a Teacher!
Story and Art: Uni Shindo

Koji Tsukino returns to his old high school as its new math teacher. From his long hair to his cold, aggressive nature, Koji looks nothing like your usual teacher and everything like the former delinquent he was. Assigned as his supervisor is Mr. Nitta, who used to teach his math supplementary lessons. Koji may pretend to be indifferent towards him, but don’t get him wrong – he only became a teacher because of Mr. Nitta. If that’s the case, then why won’t he just say so?

For the Next Act…
Story and Art: Makoto Inagaki

People are jealous of rookie rakugo performer Akatsuki, whose stage name is Kuroinu Hoteiya, for being the apprentice of the young and talented rakugo Master Koroku. Still, there’s a couple of backstage stories none of them know about; that the amazing Master Koroku is the biggest scaredy-cat whose stage fright runs wild before every performance, and that Akatsuki is head-over-heels in love with him.

*English titles and release dates subject to change without prior notice.

Fans will be able to read the first chapters of these titles for free. Subscribers to futekiya will have access to the entire volume as well as the other manga titles published by Shodensha Publishing Co., Home-sha Inc., Parsola Inc., Julian Publishing, Thirdline, and independent BL artists in the futekiya Library.

The futekiya Library currently has 155 BL manga titles and new titles will be added in the coming months. The futekiya team plans to have at least 400 titles available to subscribers by the end of 2020.

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