Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 20 – “Are You Okay?”

This episode has a strong focus on Yuki, who is busy trying to plan the upcoming cultural festival with the student council and working with his class on how they will be participating in the school festival.

On the class side of things, it’s decided that they will perform Cinderella as a play. The cast that the class votes on is amusing, and the audience can already tell that there’s the potential for everything to go wrong. But seeing this, though, I know we’re getting even closer to the section of the manga that I’ve been wanting to see animated when I first read the later section of the manga years ago.

On the student council side, Yuki and Kakeru walk in on Machi creating another mess. When the other council members arrive, Naohito gets mad and says they need to do something. But when Kakeru asks to take care of it and that he’ll miss the meeting, Yuki sides with him. I loved Yuki’s reaction when Naohito continues to try to argue over it.

This is an episode where Yuki and Kakeru get to have some more moments, and it’s becoming clear that the two of them have more in common than Yuki initially realized. Kakeru makes a revelation about himself and Machi, and we learn that Kakeru has a tough relationship with his parents. Kakeru later does something to anger Yuki, but it really does feel as if it’s being set up for Yuki and Kakeru to have some kind of a friendship, albeit an awkward one.

Near the end of the episode, we also get a scene where Yuki is accidentally locked inside the student council storeroom, and it’s surprising who ends up saving him. But while he’s in that dark closet (since the lightbulb has burned out), Yuki has flashbacks. One of those includes the confrontation that Yuki had with Akito at the beach house earlier in the season. We get a hint of what Akito was saying to Yuki in regards to what he wants from Tohru, except for the final word. Even without that word, I think we’ve already seen the setup for what that word is.

And I shouldn’t neglect to mention that we get a brief scene of Yuki returning to his parents’ house. Earlier in the episode, Kakeru asks Yuki why he doesn’t have a cell phone. When Yuki asks if it’s useful, Kakeru says that it is. But Yuki points out that he needs the signature of a guardian in order to get one. This is the lead-in for how Yuki starts learning about Kakeru’s family problems. Anyway, he talks with his mother, who signs the paperwork. She surprises both Yuki and the audience, when, even though she’s turned away and looking kind of embarrassed, actually says something you would expect from a parent (something along the lines of, “Don’t be on the cell phone too much”). As he leaves, Yuki finds some amusement in his mother’s action. Perhaps after the parent-teacher conference, his mother is slowly starting to realize something. While it’s a small step, it’s something that the bitchy mother we saw at the conference never would have done.

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