Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2: Episode 6 – “Memories”

On the battlefield, things are looking bleak for Asuna and the others. However, Asuna is given motivation to keep going by Yuuki, the young woman she had befriended in ALfheim Online that was terminally ill in the real world and later passed away. With this renewed determination, Asuna takes on Vassago. Unfortunately, he’s figured out the concept of how to power up with the blood that’s been on the battlefield, and it looks like she’s going to lose. But the “spirit”(?) of Yuuki gives her more strength, and Asuna does a massive level up (which I assume comes from Stacia, the goddess super account that she logged in under). Asuna gets to look very badass here, and it looks like she may have defeated Vassago… oh, crap, no she didn’t. Vassago takes a licking, but still keeps on ticking. Damn.

Meanwhile, we get to go inside Kirito’s head. At first, it seems innocuous enough. Kirito is alone at school and is heading home. But when he gets off at the train station, he runs into a scene from one of the games he’s played, and he sees players getting killed. I’m guessing this is the point that Higa’s plan has started into motion. From this point, more and more memories start appearing, and they’re all of him killing players or things on the negative side. The last of these scenes is of Eugeo dying in his arms. Kirito is trying to block these memories. And then, Kirito goes into trying to kill himself through some self-harm. Asuna, Sinon, and Sugu appear before him, but Kirito insists he doesn’t deserve their forgiveness. On Ocean Turtle, Higa is frustrated that his plan doesn’t seem to be working… but then he notices that there’s a connection from something in Underworld.

We saw it hinted at in the previous episode that a form of Eugeo would somehow be involved, since we saw his sword light up at the same time that Higa’s plan was activated. And sure enough, we get to see Eugeo appear next to the three girls in Kirito’s mind. Eugeo reminds Kirito of the idea they both realized concerning memories being stored in the heart. Between Eugeo and the girls, Kirito finally realizes that he can be forgiven.

On the battlefield, Vassago has riled up the Chinese and South Korean players even more, and it looks like Asuna is about to be killed. But then, ice covers Vassago and all the attacking Chinese and South Korean players. Asuna and the others realize who must have executed this perfect weapon control. It looked like that Vassago was actually defeated this time… oh, crap. He broke free of the ice. Two disappointments in one episode. But then again, it couldn’t be that easy to defeat Vassago. Obviously, a big battle between the newly awakened Kirito and Vassago has to take place. But please, somebody give Kirito a complete sword. The fragment of Eugeo’s sword that he currently has isn’t likely going to do as much damage. I don’t want any more disappointments when it comes to Vassago’s fate.

While watching the episode and seeing the “spirit”(?) of Yuuki, I didn’t remember who she was. I actually had to look it up afterwards to refresh my memory because it’s been so long since I’ve seen the earlier Sword Art Online series. I appreciate that these older characters are being referenced in the series, but for someone like me who doesn’t have all the details of the franchise memorized, it can be a little frustrating trying to rack my brain trying to remember who these people are. If I had realized or remembered who Yuuki was at the time, the scenes when her “spirit”(?) appears would have been more powerful, and how this later ties in with Kirito and Eugeo’s discussion inside Kirito’s mind.

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