Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 19 – “There’s Just No Way!”

A lot of this episode focuses on Rin, and on how she and Tohru start to become a little closer. Seeing Rin finally realize that she’s struggling alone and needing a shoulder to cry on, and going to Tohru for that shoulder, was moving. Yuki’s reaction to this development was the one that was most focused on, and we hear his thoughts about how he and Rin have something in common. Yuki seems to realize that he depends on Tohru for support, which he is starting to see Rin doing in this particular interaction with Tohru.

Shigure surprises Hattori when he tells him about Rin trying to break the curse and coming to him in the hopes he’d have information. Of course, Hattori muses whether the curse can actually be broken, and Shigure’s reaction seems to tell the audience, as well as Hattori, that he thinks there’s some kind of a chance.

There’s an amusing interaction with Yuki at school with a couple of the student council members. It was a nice light-hearted moment to bring about some comic relief in what is otherwise a serious episode. The three girls from the Prince Yuki Fan Club make a brief appearance here as well, reminding the audience that they do indeed exist. I’m glad they’ve been relegated to being background characters who only pop up every once in a while for comic relief purposes, especially with how serious of a tone Fruits Basket has now.

Near the end, I liked seeing Tohru and Rin talking about the curse, and the insights that Rin gives her about its origins. It would almost seem natural for the two of them to pair up, since they share the goal of wanting to break the Soma curse. But Rin makes it clear that she still would rather pursue this on her own rather than team up with someone as “unreliable” as Tohru. But Tohru comes up with the idea of asking Kureno if he knows anything about breaking the curse. Rin dismisses this idea, because Kureno is so dutiful to Akito and does what he says.

At the end of the episode, Tohru has a dream where she relives the last morning her mom left for work and ended up in the accident. She has this dream after Rin asks her why she’s trying to break the curse. As Tohru falls asleep, she wonders why she couldn’t get the words out, because before she easily could have answered her. With what we’ve seen in recent episodes, I have a feeling this is due to Tohru’s confusion about her feelings for Kyo.

At one point in this episode, a hint is dropped about the forthcoming school festival. Yuki says it’s not quite time yet, but he’s thinking ahead before they launch into exams. I know what’s coming up with the cultural festival, and it’s a moment I’ve been wanting to see animated for years. Getting this hint made me quite happy, because that means this moment should be coming up sooner rather than later.

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