The Island of Giant Insects English Dub Kickstarter Casts Michaela Laws

The Kickstarter crowdfunding page for the English dub of The Island of Giant Insects anime film has announced that the project has cast Michaela Laws as Emiko Miyazono.

The project attempted a previous Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, but fell short of its 8,500,000-yen (about US$80,000) goal. The project launched a “Round 2” campaign in July 2020 that has a lower 4,000,000-yen (about US$38,000) goal that will end on September 1, 2020. As of this writing, the campaign has raised 3,500,443 yen (about US$33,000).

Some of the extras promoted in the first attempt are now stretch goals in the Round 2 campaign. The campaign also includes new merchandise such as character goods available as backer rewards.

Backing tiers have been reorganized, with a new tier that allows a backer to potentially voice the female character Nozawa, and another tier for a mixed-gender group of backers to voice extras. Additionally, an existing tier allows a backer to voice the male character Akira. The Nozawa and Akira voice-acting tiers are filled, and only one backer slot is still available to voice extras.

Source: ANN

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