Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2: Episode 5 – “Prince of Hell”

Roughly the first half of the episode focuses of Vassago. When he discovers that Kirito is in a vegetative state, he gets frustrated, and kicks his wheelchair and knocks him out of it. Just when it seems like Vassago is going to kill Kirito, someone unexpected arrives. It’s Eiji, and he’s accompanied by Yuna. Yuna starts singing, and the Chinese and and South Korean players see Vassago’s hold lessen on them when she does. I have to admit, though, that I don’t remember Eiji or Yuna from Sword Art Online. Were they characters that appeared before, more in a background role? It’s been so long since I’ve seen the earlier episodes of the franchise that it’s hard for me to remember who some of these characters are who have been showing up recently.

We get a flashback of Vassago’s youth, and it shows us why he has such a hatred for the Japanese. I was glad to see that the flashback didn’t redeem his character in any way. Yes, what happened to him sucked, but it wasn’t the type of backstory that makes you think that perhaps Vassago is just a misguided person. But seeing that we’re getting this backstory makes me think that his time as an important character in this story will soon be coming to an end. It just has that “red flag” feel to it.

Unfortunately, Eiji is defeated. Just as it dawns on the Chinese and South Korean players who Vassago is, he exerts his power to regain control of them. A couple of them are able to resist, but most are unable to.

We also see Sinon and Leafa in tight spots, and it seems it could be over for both of them. Leafa has her regenerative abilities, but they only help her so much. Things look bleaker for Sinon, but she gets help once again from a necklace that seems to have some kind of connection with Kirito. This gives her the strength to take one final shot at Gabriel, and this causes him a bit of damage and forces him to flee. I’m sure he’ll be back, though.

At Ocean Turtle, we return to Yanai and Higa. Higa is saved by Rinko, and we get Higa asking Rinko out on a date after this is all over. Dude, was this really the time for this? Sigh. While not quite as cheesy as the dialogue a couple of episodes ago between Iskahn and Scheta Synthesis Twelve, it was still a little cringy. Anyway, Higa returns to work, and we see the beginnings of what should lead to Kirito’s awakening. We see Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa’s bodies react in the game world, and we also see the remnants of Eugeo’s sword resonating as well. From what we see and hear right at the end, it sounds like Kirito is going to have some kind of encounter with Eugeo before finally regaining consciousness in the game. According to the next episode preview, the episode will be titled, “Memories.” My guess is that the next episode is going to focus solely on Kirito and interactions he will have with Eugeo in the state he’s currently in. My prediction is that Kirito is going to come out of his vegetative state right at the end of the next episode. Let’s see if I guessed correctly when the next episode becomes available for streaming.

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