futekiya Boys’ Love Manga Service Adds Seven Titles

Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys’ love manga subscription service has announced that it has licensed seven new titles from publisher Shodensha. The company also revealed new volumes and releases for previously announced titles. The newly announced titles include:

  • Ryu no Otto – Bokoku no Kami by Ake Susaki
  • Ookami e no Yomeiri ~Ishu Konintan~ by Hana Inui
  • PERFECT FIT (Volumes 1-2) by Thanat
  • 3bansen no Campanella by Atsuki Kyoyama
  • My Little Inferno (Volumes 1-2) by Nemui Asada
  • Adana wo Kure by Niboshiko Arai
  • Shinsouban Illumination by Tomoko Yamashita

The new volumes and releases for previously announced titles include:

  • You’re My Sex Star Volume 2 by Tamekō
  • Zoku Pornographer Playback by Maki Marukido
  • Momo to Manji (Volumes 1-3) by Sakura Sawa
  • One Room Angel by Harada

The announcement noted that the English title translations for some of the manga may change.

Readers will be able to read the first chapters of these titles for free, and subscribers to the futekiya service will be able to access full volumes.

Source: ANN

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