Case Closed: Episode 977 – “The Broken Fishbowl”

The episode opens with Kogoro and Conan observing a situation for a potential client who wants Kogoro to serve as his bodyguard. The potential client is running an investment scheme, where he claims to be importing rare goldfish and is asking people to invest. A group of angry clients have learned the truth about the scheme and are demanding their money back. There is a focus on two particular members of the group, with one of them saying out loud that he’ll kill the man running the investment scheme. As soon as I heard that, I knew that this man was going to be one of the suspects for the crime that would be committed in the episode. And since there was also special emphasis placed on another person in the group, I knew that she would be a potential culprit as well.

After the angry mob is escorted out, Kogoro points out that what the man is doing is illegal, but the man just laughs and calls the clients greedy and deserving to be taken advantage of. Kogoro declines the bodyguard offer because he’s disgusted by the potential client’s attitude.

As Conan and Kogoro wait for their bus, which is running late, they hear a scream coming from the building that they left. One of the potential client’s employees has discovered her boss on the ground. Kogoro determines that he’s dead, and then they discover that one of his other employees is laying nearby, also dead. So this episode doesn’t have just one murder… it has two.

As I expected, the two people in the angry mob that were focused on were found nearby and are considered two prime suspects. The girlfriend of the murdered employee is also there, and she claims she saw someone through a window while waiting across the street, but she couldn’t tell what gender they were.

It turns out this is one of those mysteries where it seems like the evidence and circumstances point to a particular individual, but through learning some facts, Conan figures out it’s the exact opposite from what it appears to be. He’s able to use his stun dart and bowtie to reveal the truth before an innocent person is arrested for the crime.

This wasn’t a bad episode at all, and turning everything on its head was a nice touch. As it seemed like the story was setting up for the expected person to be the culprit, the audience was starting to notice something that Conan was seeing that made you think things weren’t what they seemed. At that point, I knew the murderer had to be this other person, but I wasn’t entirely certain just how they pulled it off. The motive for the guilty party was pretty standard, but I did like how Megure berated the guilty party for their reasoning.

Once again, there was no next episode preview or “Next Conan’s Hint” section at the end of the episode. I’m guessing at this point that due to the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic that the production company just doesn’t know what episodes will get done when, so they’re not putting either of these items into the episodes. So far, since Case Closed returned on July 4, 2020, we seem to be developing a pattern of having an episode every other week. It’ll be interesting to see if this pattern holds, and if so, for how long.

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