futekiya Boys’ Love Manga Service Announces New Licenses

The futekiya boys’ love manga website has announced five new manga licenses for release in August 2020:

I Love You so Do as I Say by Konoko Kino [Debut date: August 3, 2020]

In a cursed forest rumored to be the lair of a demon lord and the witch who summoned him, different creatures find sanctuary within it and lived peacefully. One of them is a lonely werewolf who just wanted to be friends with other creatures of the forest but to no avail due to his scary appearance despite his kind nature. One night, the werewolf smells an odd scent in the forest, which led him to a vampire with a great bloodlust. Did the wolf finally find a friend, or is it something else?

I Want You So Much That I’ll Let Him Violate Me by FUNA [Debut date: August 4, 2020]

Ever since Kimichika was young, he’s had a great fascination and infatuation with his grandfather’s beautiful android, Dill. When his cousin Taneatsu, inherits everything, including Dill, after their grandfather’s death, he makes a deal with Taneatsu to attain Dill’s ownership. The condition: he has to satisfy Taneatsu in every way possible. And thus starts a complicated relationship between the three of them.

Mirage by Shuma [Debut date: August 5, 2020]

Itsuki’s little brother books a rental boyfriend for fun, whom he ditches and ropes Itsuki into taking his place. Itsuki doesn’t quite know if he’s gay or not yet, but what he does know is that he can’t help but want to be around handsome, considerate rental boyfriend Taisei more and more. Does their relationship have any chance of being more than a rental transaction?

Touch of a Brush by Shuma [Debut date: August 6, 2020]

Calligrapher Suizan Kataoka doesn’t want to be the center of attention. But after a chance meeting with kimono shop owner Tsumugi Yuki, he gets swept into a kimono photoshoot that catapults him into sudden stardom. Suizan doesn’t think he’s worth all this attention, but will Tsumugi’s aggressive pursuit of him win him over?

The Time a Gangster was Reincarnated as Ranmaru Mori ~Darn it, Nobunaga! So, You Plan on Making Me Your Page!?~ by Sato Fuyumi [Debut date: August 7, 2020]

Hajime gets the tables turned on him when his subordinates rise against his rule, and when he wakes up… he’s in another body? Stuck in what seems to be some super-detailed period drama set, the first thing Hajime should do is leave, but good luck on that when some guy pushes him down, takes him home, has his way with him, and makes him his page – the guy happens to be Nobunaga Oda.

The first chapters of the manga will be available for free on the service. Subscribers will be able to read subsequent chapters.

The futekiya service launched in July 2019, and it allows access to its entire library of manga for a monthly fee of US$6.99. The service is also offering licensed dōjinshi and manga by independent artists.

Source: ANN

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