Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 17 – “You Will, I’m Sure of It”

This episode focuses on Tohru and her classmates’ class trip to Kyoto. This school trip had been referenced in earlier episodes, and I’d basically forgotten it was happening until this episode started and referenced the trip. As soon as I heard that reference, it was like, “Oh yeah, this was coming up.”

For the most part, this episode was focused on developing relationships between several of the characters. The most emphasis was placed on Kyo and Tohru, though. A girl in their class decides to make a confession to Kyo, but he turns her down in his usual, abrasive way. But seeing this, Tohru found her heart skipping a beat. She also found herself wondering if, someday, he would act that way and leave her behind. There was a wonderful scene between Tohru and Kyo later in the episode. A female cat comes up to a sad-looking Kyo and seems to be trying to comfort him. When Tohru comes up on them and starts talking to Kyo, the female cat gets jealous… and we get to see subtitles for this female cat’s thoughts. LOL! Two girls rejected by Kyo in one episode… with one of the girls being a cat. But, after this humorous bit, it turns more serious, and we see Kyo acting in the kinder version of himself that he reserves for Tohru. But this episode seems to be establishing that Tohru may have feelings for Kyo that would reciprocate his feelings for her.

There’s also some interaction between Tohru and Yuki, as well as more character development between Yuki and Manabe. There’s a great moment between these two when, after Manabe asks Yuki a hypothetical question, Yuki blurts out that his reaction would be that Manabe would no longer be his friend. After that comes out of his mouth, Yuki looks so embarrassed, and it’s just comical. Kimi inserts herself into the moment between Yuki and Manabe, and proves once again just how annoying of a character she is. It’s weird, though. I don’t remember being as annoyed with her when I read the manga as I am now with her as I see her in the anime.

I can’t forget to mention that early on in the episode, Tohru has a flashback about getting ready for the school trip, and with how crazy things have been, both Tohru and Kyo had basically forgotten it was coming up. Shigure was quite amusing in this scene, because he actually got mad. Up to this point, we’ve never seen Shigure become angry at anyone because he’s so laid-back. So to see him actually get angry was comical to me, because it almost felt like it was out of character for him.

During the episode, a lot of focus was placed on souvenirs. What Yuki brought back for Machi was unexpected, but she seemed to appreciate it. But Tohru’s souvenir that she bought for herself was the most important. Seeing what she did with the clay to enhance her souvenir was so sweet. Awww…

Even with the various character relationships being built up in this episode, it was overall more light-hearted in tone when compared to some of the more recent episodes of the series. To me, this is likely a sign that we’re going to be coming up on a heavier storyline before long, and that this episode will likely be part of a “calm before the storm” moment. I really can’t wait for next week, so I can see where Fruits Basket will be heading next with its story.

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