Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2: Episode 2 – “End to Eternity”

The episode begins where the previous episode left off. It’s revealed that it isn’t just Klein who converted his character to help out in the battle with Underworld. We see the rest of the characters we know from the Sword Art Online franchise appear. Of course, the exception here is Leafa, but we saw what happened to her in the previous episode. SPOILER ALERT: We don’t see Leafa at all in this episode, so we have no idea how her storyline has progressed. We find out out from Liz that she managed to get 2,000 players to convert their accounts, but is disappointed that she couldn’t get everyone. Asuna tells her she did enough, and Asuna starts giving orders. This section of the story ends with Asuna and the others beating up on more of the American players.

The vast majority of the episode takes place in the real world, at Ocean Turtle. Higa sees something interesting with Kirito’s data… there are two blips from the times that Sinon and Leafa dived into Underworld. At first, Higa is quite confused, but after some prodding, he realizes that there are versions of Kirito imprinted onto the Fluctlights of those closest to him. If he could extract those versions from those Fluctlights, Kirito might be able to regain consciousness. But then it hits him… all of this can only be done in the main control room. But then, Higa realizes there’s a way to get to what he needs without actually going to the main control room. A plan is concocted, and is about to start when the episode cuts away to the last section of the story. An interesting note here: as part of the plan, they will be using a robot that we saw earlier in the Sword Art Online: Alicization portion of the story. If I’m remembering correctly, I think this is the robot Asuna had some interaction with early on during her time on Ocean Turtle. I don’t know if that interaction with Asuna will prove to be important, but I have a hard time believing now that Asuna’s interaction with this robot will turn out to be unimportant. However, I don’t have any guesses as to how this may affect the robot and its ability to help carry out the plan.

The last bit of the story is the conclusion of the fight between Bercouli and Vecta. While I didn’t want to see what happened to Bercouli, his fate had been hinted at earlier in the series. That still didn’t make the end result less disappointing, though. I really came to like Bercouli as a character, and he served as a great father figure for Alice. Near the end, it was nice to see Alice up and about again, although she was mourning. Unfortunately, even though Vecta was defeated in Underworld, Gabriel comes out of the dive in Ocean Turtle and asks his assistant to convert one of his other accounts. I assume it’s the account that he used in Sword Art Online. It’ll be interesting to see how Gabriel will utilize this character when he dives back into Underworld.

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