Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 15 – “See You Later”

This entire episode focused on the parent-teacher conferences that were being hinted at in the previous episode.

There are some funny moments with Uotani and Hanajima’s conferences. There’s some humor when Kyo and Kazuma appear for Kyo’s conference, because it seems Hanajima thinks he’s handsome and may be interested in him.

Tohru’s conference was great, though. Shigure accompanies Tohru to her conference, much to Mayu’s dismay. The reactions and interactions between Shigure and Mayu are beautiful, especially since Tohru has no clue about their past history. There’s a serious side to Tohru’s conference as well, especially when Mayu asks Tohru about continuing her schooling. Mayu obviously sees that Tohru has potential to be more than what Tohru thinks she is. Tohru keeps insisting, though, that she’ll go to work right out of high school. But I think it’s awesome to see this side of Mayu, and this episode truly shows just how much more there is to her character than the tough teacher we saw at the beginning of the series.

The other major conference we see is with Yuki and his mother. I thought it was an interesting choice to have their conference on a dark and rainy day, and how dark this made the room they were meeting in. This was quite the contrast with the other conferences, since all the others were in a brightly lit room. While Yuki’s mother’s personality has been hinted at in the past, finally getting to see how much of a cold-hearted bitch she really is was something else. I loved it when Ayame made a sudden appearance at the conference and basically handed his mother’s ass to her on a platter. He knows how to get under her skin. We also hear some surprising words out of Yuki: he tells his mother that he can depend on Ayame. Unfortunately, this “brotherly love” we see at the conference is ruined by an after credits scene that features Ayame. Oh well. But, it was nice to see Yuki talk to his mother and making his wishes known with firm conviction. Bitchy mom doesn’t really say anything in response, though, and she just turns her back and leaves.

But in the middle of these conference scenes, we do see a worried Tohru thinking about Kyo and the potential for him to be locked away by Akito after he graduates. And we also get a couple of scenes of Kyo realizing that he wants to spend as much time with Tohru as he can before graduation. From his conference, it’s clear he has no idea what to do with his future, but we see in his thoughts that the only thing he knows is that he wants to be by Tohru’s side.

This episode also clearly establishes that winter will soon be on its way, and that there really isn’t that much more time before Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Uotani, and Hanajima are supposed to graduate from high school. What I’m curious to see at this point is whether the anime can get through the remainder of the manga in this cour of the anime, or if there will need to be one more season to get the complete story told.

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