Can Anyone Help Identify an Anime?

I had a question asked of me over at the blog’s Facebook page, and I don’t have an answer.

I was asked if I knew an anime title where a black cat turns into a tanned girl. My first thought was that they were thinking of Yoruichi from Bleach. The reader replied that it wasn’t Bleach they were thinking of.

I tried turning to Google, but came up empty-handed.

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of an anime with a black cat that transforms into a tanned girl that isn’t Bleach?

EDIT: Since I originally made this post, I got a little more detail. The series in question is an anime about magic, and the character being referenced is not the main character.

EDIT #2: I heard back from the person who asked the question, and they found the information on their own. It turns out the anime in question was Majimoji Rurumo.


  1. moyatori · July 12

    Bleach is certainly the answer I would have given too.

  2. Irina · July 13

    could it be Tokyo Mew Mew? Although she’s not that tan…

    • Lesley Aeschliman · July 13

      I’ll run it by them and see if this might be what they’re thinking of.

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