Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 14 – “I Should Just Die…”

Wow… there’s a lot to unpack in this one. The main focus is on Yuki and his evolution as a character, but we also get to see some development for Haru, Rin, Kyo, and Tohru.

It all starts with Tohru learning that her grandfather is bedridden after straining his back. The concern is with the upcoming parent-teacher conference, because her grandfather was supposed to go. But Shigure makes an agreement with Tohru’s aunt to allow Tohru to visit her grandfather the next day… and that Shigure will be going to Tohru’s parent-teacher conference. Of course, we learn that Shigure has an ulterior motive for wanting to go to Tohru’s parent-teacher conference… he wants to see Mayu’s look of loathing, since she’s Tohru’s homeroom teacher. I admit that I laughed out loud when I heard that thought come from Shigure.

Kyo, meanwhile, has been down and ignoring everyone else at Shigure’s house, including Tohru. We know that Kyo is trying to sort out his feelings for Tohru, and that he’s confused about how to act around her. This tension between Kyo and Tohru is resolved at the end of this episode, after Tohru’s visit with her grandfather.

But like I said at the beginning, the focus is on Yuki and his development as a character. As he remembers his past and interacts with characters like Kagura, Haru, and Rin, he realizes that he hasn’t made as much progress as he thought he had, and that he’s still not standing up on his own two feet. This also becomes clear when he has to muster up the courage to go to his parents’ house to talk to his mother about his parent-teacher conference. She’s not there, though, so he doesn’t have to face her. And in his interaction with Rin, Yuki learns the truth about why Shigure took him in.

And there’s also quite a tense scene between Haru and Rin. This allowed the audience to see a little more of their relationship and how these two characters interact with one another.

All in all, though, this episode with filled with a lot of character drama. But it was riveting, and it surprised me when the episode ended, because it didn’t feel as if it’d been going long enough. But with something Tohru’s grandfather said in this episode and the interaction between Torhu and Kyo at the end, I think we’re heading toward something that I know is coming from having read the manga years ago. I hope the next episode is what I think it’s going to be. I won’t say what exactly it is, but what I will say is that what I’m thinking of is very important backstory.

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