VIZ Media Announces Additions to Its Shonen Jump Service

VIZ Media announced at its Shonen Jump panel at FunimationCon that it has licensed three new titles for release on the service. The titles include:

  • My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions manga by Yoco Akiyama and Kōhei Horikoshi [scheduled to be released in March 2021]
  • Jujutsu Kaisen 0 manga by Gege Akutami [scheduled to be released in January 2021]
  • Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story—Mourning Clouds novel by Takashi Yano and Masashi Kishimoto [scheduled to be released in February 2021]

Under VIZ Media’s new Shonen Jump subscription service that debuted in December 2018, users pay US$1.99 per month to have access to the Shonen Jump simulpub manga, some simulpub manga from other related magazines such as Jump SQ., the entire back-catalog of those manga and select past Shonen Jump manga, and access to the back-catalog of manga from other magazines such as Golden Kamuy and Tokyo Ghoul. The latest three chapters of all ongoing series are also available for free on VIZ Media’s website and app. VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump subscription service is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Singapore, and India.

Source: ANN

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