Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 11 – “All Mine”

The episode opens with the most humorous scene in the entire episode. Shigure, Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru return to Shigure’s house and find that Ayame is there and has made himself at home. Apparently, Shigure forgot to lock the door when he left. But there’s an amusing scene between Ayame, Kyo, and Yuki that takes place here. But like I said right at the beginning, this is the most humorous scene in the episode, because it turns serious rather quickly and remains serious for the rest of its runtime.

Tohru goes to visit Shisho, and she tells him what Akito told her in the previous episode and asking Shisho if he knows anything about the curse. She wants to break it, and she wants to gain any information she can. While Shisho doesn’t know the answer for sure, he has a guess… and his guess makes Tohru have to evaluate what she’s thought about bonds up to this point in her life. But even so, it doesn’t appear that this realization is going to make Tohru hesitate in her quest. As she leaves the dojo, she encounters Rin. Rin is rather cold to Tohru, and it turns out Rin has shown up to talk to Shisho as well. From what Shisho says, it appears that Rin came to ask him the same thing that Tohru did.

Meanwhile, Kagura seems to have come to an understanding when it comes to her feelings for Kyo. She sees him at the dojo and gives him a hard time. Kyo says he has something he needs to tell her, but she says she won’t listen unless they go on a date. Kyo relents, and the rest of the episode focuses on Kyo and Kagura’s “date.”

Instead of a typical date, Kagura takes Kyo to a location that was important during their youth. We get to see flashbacks of when they first met and the first time Kagura saw Kyo’s “true form.” In this episode, Kagura has an epiphany as to why she’s treated Kyo the way she has all these years, as well as why she’s been in “love” with him all this time. But Kagura’s confession makes it easier for Kyo to say what he wanted to say: that he’s not in love with Kagura and never will be.

With the way the story is progressing now, Kagura needed to have that epiphany and to hear Kyo seriously tell her that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. The humorous aspect of Kagura chasing after Kyo no longer works with the direction the story is going in, much in the same way that the president of the Prince Yuki fan club was essentially “written out” after her realization that Yuki wasn’t interested in her. With Kagura’s chasing of Kyo being written out, you know that the story will continue to be getting more serious from here on out.

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