Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 9 – “My Precious…”

Wow, this was a heavy episode. And the focus of this episode is entirely on Kyo.

Kyo has been summoned to see Akito at the annex, and poor Tohru thinks it’s a good thing. In her mind, she thinks this means that he’s finally being included with the others. But as we see, that’s not the case at all.

No, Akito is hell bent on emotionally tormenting Kyo. The usual insults like calling him a monster was going on, but Akito also declares that Kyo is responsible for his mother’s death. We finally see how she died… by jumping in front of a train while Kyo watched. Poor kid. And to make it worse, we see in a flashback how his father was drilling into Kyo’s head that his mother committed suicide. And as Akito badmouths Tohru, Kyo comes to realize that he’s in love with her. But he has to hide this from Akito, and claims that he’s not. This whole section with Kyo was hard to watch, and all I could do was to feel angry at Akito and wishing I could do something to help Kyo. Akito is the real monster here, not Kyo.

A lot of the episode is actually the scene that takes place between Akito and Kyo at the annex. Near the end, though, Kyo returns to the beach house and has a couple of important flashbacks. The first is one of Shisho giving reassurance to Kyo about finding hope, and then we see him equating that hope with Tohru. And then, we see some quick flashes from Kyo’s childhood that have an interesting connection with Tohru.

At the end, Kyo decides that while he does love Tohru, he won’t try to make her his own. But, he does want her to be by his side until Akito imprisons him for the rest of his life.

Like I said, this was a heavy episode. But, it does provide some very important character development for Kyo. But after this episode, I can’t wait for next week so I can see what will happen next.

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