Manga Review: Dragon Ball Z VIZBig Volume Eight

Dragon Ball Z VIZBig Volume Eight collects the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th volumes of the manga that chronicle the Dragon Ball Z portion of the franchise.

Dragon Ball Z VIZBig Volume Eight
Written by: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: July 20, 2010

The entirety of this omnibus volume focuses on the Boo Saga of Dragon Ball Z. While we still get to see some of the Tenkaichi Tournament, the main focus of this section of the story is on the Z Warriors going up against Bobbidi, Dabra, various magical beasts, and the reincarnated Majin Boo. Although, when it comes to the Tenkaichi Tournament, we get a great fight between Mr. Satan (aka Hercule) and Android 18. It’s especially amusing when Android 18 throws the contest after she makes a deal with Mr. Satan to get paid to let him win.

When the volume gets to the point of Majin Boo being reincarnated, Boo doesn’t look threatening at all. He also acts child-like. But you can’t let his looks and behavior deceive you, because he’s actually strong and makes for quite the foe for Goku and the others to take on.

Vegeta gets to play a major role after he lets Bobbidi take him over. Of course, Vegeta only allows this because he wants to be able to battle Goku, especially after losing out on the chance to do that during the Tenkaichi Tournament. But after getting beaten up by Boo in a fight, Vegeta decides to try to destroy Boo by destroying himself. This is quite the anti-hero moment for Vegeta, and in his final thoughts, the reader gets to see how much Vegeta has evolved as a character since his introduction in the first arc of Dragon Ball Z.

Gohan is beaten up during the fight with Bobbidi, but Kaio-shin and Kibit take him to Kaio-shin’s realm in order to heal him. Here, he is introduced to the Grand Elder Kai, who is able to increase Gohan’s power… but his method takes some time.

Goten and Trunks are taken to the Spirit Realm, where they learn how to do Fusion in order to become a powerful fighter named Gotenks to take on Majin Boo.

This volume also introduces a new power up for Goku: Super Saiyan 3. Not only does he power up, but Goku also acquires long and luxurious hair. And Boo also destroys Bobbidi, so there’s now no one alive who can say the spell to seal him away. This is one of the ways that Toriyama ups the stakes in the story throughout this volume.

One thing I was happy to see here is that the section of the story where Boo builds his house and spends time in it wasn’t just filler created for the anime. I was so happy to see that it was a canon scene from the manga, because for me, it’s the most amusing and one of the more memorable scenes from the Boo Saga. This volume also sees Mr. Satan creating a bond and forming a friendship with Majin Boo. But it was sad to see the death of the dog change Boo from a sweet, yet evil foe to a dangerous villain. And it’s also here that we see the fat Majin Boo eject a thinner and more powerful Boo. Unfortunately, thin Boo defeats fat Boo. Fat Boo is turned into chocolate and eaten by the thin Boo, and this gives him even more power. If those fools hadn’t shot the dog and made Boo angry, who knows how much differently the story could have turned out. Mr. Satan had made so much progress with the fat Boo, so this turn of events is disappointing.

By the end of this volume, it’s clear that the Boo Saga is getting ever closer to reaching its climax. The one thing the reader is left wondering at the end of this volume is just how much stronger Majin Boo can get, and trying to figure out how the Z Fighters can take down this evil villain.

For the VIZBig releases, Volume Eight is the penultimate volume in the series. It’ll be interesting to compare the final volume of the Dragon Ball Z VIZBig editions with the corresponding episodes of the anime series to see how they line up.

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