Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 8 – “Dog”

The episode begins with Rin leaving Kagura’s house after mocking Kagura for her “pretend love” for Kyo. It’s revealed that Rin has been staying with Kagura’s family, but that she’s just not adjusting to being there. We also get to see Kagura’s mother, and she tells Kagura not to go to the beach house because Akito is there. Kagura’s mom is afraid of Akito hurting Kagura in the manner that Kisa was hurt. This seems to indicate that Kagura’s mother falls into the protective parent side (earlier in the series, it was mentioned that a parent of a zodiac member will either be protective of their child or reject their child). This scene ends with Kagura getting mad at Shigure for inviting Akito to the beach house, and kicking the front door down. The mother’s dialogue was something along the lines of reminding Kagura that she already broke the front door last month. Thanks to Kagura’s temper, her family must have a contractor on speed dial. LOL! But this is the big comedic moment we get in the episode. After this point, it gets a lot more serious in tone. There is the occasional amusing line of dialogue after this, but it’s more subtle than this moment with Kagura.

The rest of the episode focuses on the rest of the Somas at the beach house. Tohru is still shocked by Yuki’s actions the previous night and she gets lost in thought about it and it worries her a little. The Somas (except for Kyo) are called away to the annex where Akito is staying, so Tohru and Kyo get time to be together. We see them on the beach, with Tohru trying to build a sand castle. The beach becomes an important setting in this episode. First, this is where Yuki has a talk with Tohru and apologizes for his words the previous night, but he won’t apologize for kissing her on the forehead. Tohru insists he has nothing to apologize for. The beach also becomes important the next day, when Akito and Kureno see Tohru and Kyo having fun from a distance. But this scene is going to set something in motion, because seeing Kyo happy pisses off Akito. We see Akito order Shigure and Hattori to bring Kyo to the annex the next day. It’s already obvious that nothing good is going to come from this encounter, especially since Yuki already warned Kyo not to lose his cool if he encounters Akito. But this warning scene was interesting. While it’s the clash of personalities we come to expect from Yuki and Kyo, Yuki seems to be more cocky than he had been previously, even going to the level of claiming that he’s better than Kyo. Yikes!

Rin also appears at the beach house, but turns into her horse form due to not feeling well or being under stress. By luck, Tohru finds Rin in her horse form, and Yuki (who snuck out of the annex to follow Akito and Kureno to make sure Tohru was OK), comes out of hiding and introduces Rin to Tohru. But this meeting doesn’t go well, with Rin (in horse form) kicking Tohru in the face when she suggests having Rin see Hattori. Rin makes it clear to both Yuki and Tohru to not tell anyone that she is there.

There’s also a scene earlier in the episode of Shigure and Yuki, with Shigure asking Yuki what Akito said to him. Yuki simply replies, “The truth,” and asks Shigure if he’s satisfied. After Yuki leaves, Shigure comments to himself that he’s nowhere near satisfied with that answer. Oh, Shigure, what is it that you’re hoping to accomplish?

We also see that Akito perceives being in some kind of competition with Tohru when it comes to the zodiac members of the Soma family. Akito is hoping to pull all of them away from her and make it so Tohru is lonely. Akito is showing more and more of this ugly personality towards Tohru as the series progresses.

With Kyo being summoned, I feel confident that the next episode could get quite explosive. I have a feeling that the toying and game playing that Akito has been doing with Tohru will be coming to a head sooner rather than later. This episode, while more on the dramatic side, feels more like the “calm before the storm.”

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