Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 6 – “Are You Really This Stupid?”

At the beginning of the episode, Momiji suddenly shows up at Shigure’s house and declares that he’s invited everyone to a Soma vacation home at the beach, with the trip taking place the next day. Tohru realizes she hasn’t gotten her summer homework done, so Yuki tutors her so she can get it finished before the trip. Yuki notices the hat in Tohru’s room and asks her about it and why she keeps it. Yuki is surprised when she says that the boy helping her out when she was a kid is a precious memory to her. I’m glad to see the hat make a return… as well as getting to see a glimpse behind it and the past right at the end of the episode.

When Momiji tells Kyo about the trip, Momiji comments that Kyo has gotten nicer, which throws Kyo for a loop. At this point, it’s obvious that Tohru has had an impact on him. It seems to be obvious to just about everyone… except Kyo. We later see Kyo showing a softer side when Momiji is trying to teach Tohru how to swim.

We also get a couple of interesting scenes with Shigure in this episode. The first one happens after the others have left for the vacation home, and Rin comes out of hiding. While we see the beginning of what happens between these two characters, we don’t see the resolution. Later, Shigure goes to the main house to talk with Akito. While there, Shigure sees Hatori talking with a woman, and he subtly closes a nearby door in order to keep Akito from seeing this. If the past with Kana wasn’t bad enough, Akito was in a foul mood in this scene, and demanding to be waited on hand and foot by Hatori. The way this scene ends seems to indicate something about Akito that wasn’t obvious before.

Kisa and Hiro were among the Somas invited to the vacation home, and Hiro really didn’t want to go. But as soon as Kisa says she wants to be there, he agrees. But while on the beach, he becomes jealous of Tohru taking Kisa right away and hanging out with her. But he pushes things too far after Tohru drops her wallet with her mother’s picture in it. When Hiro hands it back, he asks why Tohru only carries a picture of her mom and why she only talks about her and why she doesn’t say anything about her dad. Tohru briefly shows some emotion, but tries to cover this up. After Tohru moves on, Kisa scolds Hiro for his behavior, and tells him that he doesn’t know what feelings Tohru may have hidden in her heart. Kisa cries and runs off to join Tohru, leaving Hiro stunned. But this interaction with Kisa starts to make Hiro think about himself and his own feelings. Later, when Hiro and Kisa apologize to each other, we start seeing a change in Hiro’s attitude. We hadn’t really seen these two characters in a while, so it was nice to get to see some focus on them and their relationship.

This episode gives the emotional feels I’ve come to expect from this reboot of Fruits Basket, and it also provides some important character development moments. From the title of the next episode, it seems safe to say that the story will continue at the beach vacation home.

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