Anime OVA Review: Love Hina Again

Love Hina Again is a three-episode OVA released for the Love Hina franchise in Japan.

Love Hina Again
English Publisher: Bandai Entertainment
Format: DVD
Release Date: September 2, 2003

This three-episode OVA is clearly set after both Love Hina: Christmas Movie and Love Hina: Spring Movie, and it builds off the previous two OVAs.

A new character named Kanako Urashima is introduced, and she is Keitaro’s younger adopted sister. It turns out that she is obsessed with Keitaro. She’s also a master of disguise and can disguise herself as anyone, which she uses to her advantage in order to try to get things to go her way. Even though Keitaro may be her adopted older brother, I was still a little uncomfortable with her obsession with Keitaro and how much she kept trying to come on to him. I also thought that she was portrayed to be so psychotic and crazy to the point that she was annoying.

It turns out that Keitaro made a promise to her as children to run an inn together, and she got the idea in her head that it would be as husband and wife. Keitaro, however, only sees her as a little sister. Keitaro is very much in love with Naru. In the previous two OVAs, Naru was wrestling with her feelings for Keitaro, and that’s also the case with this OVA. But Kanako’s arrival and pursuit of Keitaro pushes Naru to finally admit her true feelings to herself.

There’s a plot with the abandoned annex of the Hinata Apartments that has to do with people confessing their love to each other there will be together forever and no one can come between them. Honestly, I thought this was rather “out there,” even for a series like Love Hina, which is known for including some absurdity into its premise.

Of the OVAs, Love Hina: Christmas Movie seemed to be the most grounded in reality. While Love Hina: Spring Movie started upping the ante for some of its absurdity and felt a little weird at times, it was nowhere near the weirdness and absurdity levels of Love Hina Again. Of the three OVAs, I would have to say that Love Hina Again is my least favorite. The best part of Love Hina Again is the fact that the running thread of Keitaro and Naru’s relationship is finally resolved. Outside of that, though, I wasn’t terribly impressed. I didn’t think that Kanako truly added anything to the Love Hina franchise.

When it comes to this DVD release, there are three bonus features included: a textless opening, and textless closing, and outtakes. The “outtakes” weren’t worth much of anything. This only ran for 19 seconds, and the English dub cast did some goofing off in the recording booth that wasn’t terribly funny or amusing.

I can only truly recommend Love Hina Again to fans of the Love Hina franchise who want to see how the story ends.

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