Fruits Basket Season 2: Episode 4 – “I Got Dumped…”

The episode opens with Hatsuharu visiting Rin at the hospital, and she tells him she doesn’t need him anymore.

After the opening credits, we see Momiji rushing to Tohru’s classroom and telling them that something bad is happening. But, it gets amusing here, because when Momiji hears that Tohru and the others are talking about their class trip that’s coming up in the fall, he forgets all about what he came in for and starts asking questions about the trip. We get a playful scene of Hanajima and Uotani toying with Kyo, who’s not happy about having to be in the same group as Yuki. After Yuki finally shows up to the classroom, we finally learn why Momiji had come in the first place… Hatsuharu had gone dark and rampaged in their classroom.

Yuki, Kyo, Momiji, and Tohru go to the classroom, where the teacher and students are cowering outside. The group goes into the classroom, which is completely trashed: desks overturned, broken windows, the works. Haru has gone completely dark, and even Yuki and Kyo comment on how dark he’s gone. We get a dramatic confrontation here, and Kyo manages to get a punch in on Haru. But before things can get too physical, Tohru’s teacher comes in and dumps a bucket of water on Haru and Kyo.

A little later in the episode, we see Yuki and Haru having a heart-to-heart. It’s revealed that Haru and Rin had been secretly dating, and that Haru’s rampage came out of being dumped by her earlier in the episode. But during this conversation, Yuki realizes how he’s been bottling up his own feelings, especially the ones he doesn’t want to acknowledge. These feelings he doesn’t want to acknowledge come from the pain he experienced while being with Akito when he was younger.

After Haru is suspended from school for a few days, Yuki decides to go visit him… but this means going to the Soma estate, a place that he has been avoiding. When Yuki gets to the estate, we see how even being near the place gives Yuki PTSD flashbacks. But what seems to snap him out of this is suddenly seeing Rin (who’s supposed to be in the hospital) entering the entrance to the estate. After a slight hesitation, Yuki enters the estate and tries to look for Rin. But he’s interrupted by some old woman servant, who chastises Yuki for not coming to the New Year’s banquet and trying to convince him to return to Akito’s side. Wow, unbelievable. The first time she sees Yuki, this is what she says? At least Yuki is able to get away from her. Unfortunately, though, he has completely lost sight of Rin.

Yuki makes it to Haru’s place, and we get to see his room. There’s the expected rock music posters, but it turns out Haru is also a gamer. In fact, he’s playing a game when Yuki enters the room. At one point, we see the screen and see Haru has three characters in the game named Haru, Yuki, and Kyo. Awww…

But they have another heart-to-heart, and Haru mentions here (as well as in the earlier heart-to-heart) that Yuki should start calling Tohru by her name rather than by Honda-san. Even though he was in dark mode in the classroom scene, Haru still picked up on the fact that Kyo was calling Tohru by her name. Yuki’s reaction to Haru’s suggestion is kind of adorable.

But the final scene, though, shows Rin standing at the Soma compound, looking serious. With how much emphasis was on Rin in this episode, it’s likely that she will become important in the next episode (or in one shortly after that).

It was also interesting to notice that Tohru really didn’t play a major role in this episode. This was definitely Haru and Yuki’s episode, although Kyo got a little bit of focus as well. We also got to see Kyo training at the dojo, which we hadn’t seen before.

So far, I’m loving what I’m seeing in Season 2. Admittedly, it’s been years since I read this portion of the manga, so I only remember small bits of information (such as Haru and Rin secretly dating). In a lot of ways for me, I’m rediscovering this portion of the story by watching Fruits Basket Season 2. I’m really excited to see what comes next.

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