GKIDS and Shout! Factory to Release the Tokyo Godfathers Anime Film on Blu-ray Disc

GKIDS and Shout! Factory have announced that they will release Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers anime film on Blu-ray Disc and BD/DVD combo pack on June 2, 2020. The release will be the film’s first on Blu-ray Disc, and it will also be available with both an English dub and the original Japanese audio for the first time. The anime film will debut digitally on May 19, 2020.

The release will include bonus features such as an interview with English dub cast member Shakina Nayfack (voice of Hana), featurettes about the film’s creation, and Kon’s “Ohayo” short film, which will be available on home video for the first time outside Japan. People who pre-order the film from Shout! Factory will receive a limited edition lithograph of the anime’s cover art while supplies last.

The 4K restoration of Tokyo Godfathers screened in the United States with English subtitles on March 9, 2020 and with a new English dub on March 11, 2020. The film earned US$131,297 on March 9, 2020 and US$100,461 on March 11, 2020 at the U.S. box office, for a total of US$231,758.

Source: ANN

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