Case Closed: Episode 974 – “Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part Four)”

The beginning of the episode briefly recapped the murder of the two policewomen from the MPD Transportation Department, and then recapped the final events that led up to the climax of last week’s episode. To me, this was an effective recap, because it gave just enough information to remind the audience of the important details of the story, and then gave the audience enough of a nudge to remember the climax. By keeping the recap to a shorter length, this provided the writers more time to devote to the story.

The information to solve the mystery comes fast and furious in this episode. Of course, Conan is instrumental in piecing together what the two murder victims were trying to say by pointing to “no parking” signs at the scenes of their respective murders. After it’s determined that the call Chiba got at the end of the previous episode came from Miike’s phone, Conan takes the information gleaned from that call and realizes where the suspect is holding her.

There’s a great scene of Conan and Chiba rescuing Miike. And Miike also saves Chiba from a trap that the suspect had set, because she knew about it thanks to the suspect blabbing about it to her earlier in the episode. She gets an injury, and Chiba is the one who takes her to the hospital. Chiba finally realizes the truth of who Miike is (that she’s his first love from his childhood) when she says something to him that was something he had originally told her years earlier. So this particular plot point (Chiba being clueless about Miike’s identity) was finally wrapped up. Now that the truth is out, there’s some potentially interesting interactions and stories they could have with these two characters now.

I thought this would be the highlight of the episode… but I was wrong. If you watch this episode, be sure to watch through the ending credits. There’s a VERY IMPORTANT scene that takes place right after the credits. I don’t want to spoil what exactly it is, what I will say is that it reveals some major information.

There wasn’t a preview included at the end of this episode, so at this point, I’m assuming that there won’t be an episode of Case Closed next week. I’ll double-check and make sure, of course, but what I’ve discovered recently is that if there isn’t an episode preview, that usually means that series is taking at least one week off. And considering what’s revealed at the end of this episode, it’s an interesting place to leave the audience hanging.

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