Vertical Comics

Kodansha Comics and Vertical have announced that they are launching nearly their entire digital manga library on izneo, a European digital comics, manga, and webtoons distribution platform.

The two publishers will feature 2,000 of their manga works in English, including manga such as Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Edition, Fairy Tail, Fire Force, and The Quintessential Quintuplets. The first volume of more than 270 series will have a special promotional price of $0.99.

Kodansha Comics will also start releasing its weekly simulpub manga chapters on izneo “soon,” for manga such as EDENS ZERO, Attack on Titan, Domestic Girlfriend, To Your Eternity, and APOSIMZ.

izneo is available on web browsers, Android and Apple tablets and smartphones, Nvidia Shield, and on the Nintendo Switch. Works on the service are available both online and offline. Readers can have a subscription to the service or can purchase books individually.

Source: ANN