Anime Soundtrack Review: Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack

Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack is primarily a soundtrack of background score music from the anime series.

Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Lantis Record. Co., Ltd.
Release Date: October 19, 2011

There are 44 tracks over this two CD set. The first disc has 26 tracks, and they are all background score pieces. The second disc contains 18 tracks, and the final track is the song that Blue Rose, Wild Tiger, and Barnaby perform under the name B.T.B.

If you’re familiar with the Tiger & Bunny anime, you will instantly recognize quite a few of the score pieces that are on the soundtrack. The opening track, “HEROES N.C.1978” is the music that appears in the very first scene of the series. It also serves as the main musical theme for the series, as you hear elements from this piece sprinkled throughout some of the other pieces on the soundtrack. You can think of this as the “main theme” for Tiger & Bunny. We hear part of “HEROES N.C.1978” on such pieces as “The Ice Princess” (Blue Rose’s theme), “Roar Like a Tiger!” (Wild Tiger’s theme), and “NEXT=Power.”

The second track, “The Hero of Heroes,” is one that’s associated with announcing the winner of Hero TV, as well as other times that the heroes of the series are recognized for their achievements.

I also have a fondness for “Kotetsu” (Kotetsu’s theme song), because there’s just something about it that grabs me. “Power for the Future” is another one of the pieces that I recognize upon hearing it, because it really jumps out and makes the listener take notice. “Barnaby” (Barnaby’s theme song) is focused more on the piano and the operatic vocals in comparison to the more rock-oriented sound of the other songs in the score, which really makes this stand out. And this works well with Barnaby’s character. The musical theme of “Barnaby” also appears in “False Memory,” the final song on the first disc.

The tracks on the second disc tend to sound a little “darker” when compared to most of the score pieces on the first disc. But considering where in the series these tracks would have shown up, this makes a lot of sense. A couple of exceptions are “The Hero Buff” and “Office Hours,” because these pieces focus primarily on acoustic guitar and piano, and they both have a more upbeat and happier sound to them.

In some respects, after having such a “darker” sound on most of disc two, it’s a little jarring at first to include the upbeat B.T.B. vocal track here. However, it’s a nice change of pace and a more uplifting way of ending the soundtrack. I’m glad to see that this track was included.

If you’re a fan of the Tiger & Bunny anime, I would recommend adding Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack to your anime music library. The best way to acquire this soundtrack is to look around at sites that sell Japanese import CDs and trying to find the best deal.

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