Case Closed: Episode 973 – "Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part Three)"

The beginning of this episode did a great job recapping the first two parts of this arc.

When the story itself starts, Sato, Chiba, and another officer are questioning a woman about the murder of the second officer. During the woman’s questioning, she mentions that a suicide (jumping from a building) had taken place at the same building that the officer had been pushed from a week earlier. Sato realizes this fits into the timeline of the three suspects they’re investigating. Before they can do more, someone yells that a female police officer has been murdered.

Sato and the others run to the scene, and find Yumi lying in a chalk outline with blood near her head. It seems that Yumi is dead, but then… psyche! It turns out she asked Takagi to help her recreate the murder scene because she determined something that the officer was trying to point out as she lay dying… a no parking sign. It’s also revealed that the officer killed at the park wasn’t looking toward a swing set… she was trying to point out a no parking sign. So the episode establishes that a no parking sign is somehow an important clue.

There’s also the mystery of the number 7155 that the second murdered officer had tried to dial on her phone. The police haven’t figured it out by the end of the episode, though. So, yes, there is going to be at least one more episode for this story… which is a rarity for Case Closed.

We get a surprise cameo from Shuichi in this episode, when he saves Yumi from a couple of drunk guys who try to make her pay them for “protecting” the mini police car. It turns out Shuichi’s brother (who is Yumi’s boyfriend) asked Shuichi to watch over and protect her.

Conan jumps into the action when he arrives at the park where the first murder occurred while Chiba is there. Chiba relays what the police have figured out. While he’s in the car with Chiba, Conan seems to have pieced something together… but before Conan can say anything, Chiba gets a mysterious call.

Before that, though, Miike is approached by the shadow figure and is captured. Fortunately, she was able to dial Chiba so he can hear what’s going on… although he doesn’t know what’s going on at the end of the episode.

A lot of this episode was about gathering information and clues to solve the case, and not very much on progressing the story. But that’s OK, though. I have a feeling that Part Four will be progressing the story in leaps and bounds. To be honest, I would be surprised if this story went into a fifth part, because it feels like the pieces are just about to fall into place.

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