Case Closed: Episode 972 – “Target: MPD Transportation Department (Part Two)”

This episode opens with a recap that perfectly reminds the audience what happened in the previous episode and set the stage for this one.

Conan is at the scene of the crime, and he hears about how the officer who was murdered, along with another female officer who was friends with her from high school, had stopped three people for traffic violations the previous week at a corner right near the Mori Detective Agency. Unfortunately, Kogoro was out of town at the time, but he decides to talk to the employees at Poirot to see if they saw anything. Conan picks up some information from Amuro, but not enough to help crack the case.

With the death of a colleague and friend, the other officer with Miike at karaoke the previous evening goes to see someone who she suspects is the murderer. Unfortunately, she made the mistake of going alone. When I saw that she had found the suspect and that she was alone, I knew she was a goner. Sure enough, she’s killed and thrown from an outdoor stairwell at an apartment complex. But what surprised me, though, was that she didn’t die instantly on impact. She had just enough strength to try to dial her phone, but the murderer crushes her phone before anyone could answer. Conan happens to be nearby when people are talking about the discovery of this body, so of course he goes to check it out. The culprit is also hiding among the crowd, and we hear him think that there’s still one more officer he needs to find for his revenge.

After finding out about their colleague’s death, Yumi decides to go out alone to check on something… even though Sato had just warned her and Miike to be careful, since it appeared that the murderer is targeting female police officers. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, where we see someone jump into the scene behind Yumi’s patrol car.

I hope something I saw in the preview isn’t accurate. Because if it is, it’s going to be game changer for the two main characters we’ve seen in the MPD Transportation Department (Yumi and Miike). I really don’t want to say any more, because then I would be wandering into spoiler territory.

So this is going to be a Case Closed mystery that’s going to be a three-parter, just as I suspected at the end of last week’s episode. With the story that was being built, I knew it would be rushed if it was only a two-parter. But it’s definitely interesting to see that the series is starting to utilize more three-part episode arcs. This used to be a rare occurrence, and now it’s happened twice over the past few months. So it makes me wonder if this arc is a canon storyline from the manga.

I’m very interested to see what happens next week, especially since the preview was indicating something rather major would happen.

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