Haikyu!! To The Top: Episode 9 – “Everyone’s Night”

The focus of this episode is on Karasuno’s team members getting ready for the Spring Tournament.

The first half of the episode focuses on the New Year, and a lot of this section actually has a focus on Daichi. The episode opens with him having a dream that would be a nightmare to him, but amusing to the audience. Daichi, along with the other third years, go to a shrine for New Year’s. The interactions between these characters is quite amusing. While we also get to see what some of the other characters are up to, and some of them even congregate at Karasuno at one point, the overall focus of this section is on Daichi. Overall, though, this was a calming section to help settle things down after the practice match that took place in recent episodes.

The second half of the episode sees Karasuno heading off to Tokyo for the Spring Tournament. One of Ukai’s friends made a video of the awesome plays of each Karasuno team member, which they watch in order to psyche themselves up for the upcoming tournament. As Ukai says, he wants them to etch the best versions of themselves into their memory before the start of the tournament. We also see how some of the team members are trying to quell their nerves the night before the beginning of the tournament. Some of this is kind of amusing.

There’s also a scene between the two female managers that sees them building a bond. We get to learn a little bit about Kiyoko in this scene. I appreciate seeing the girls getting a little bit of focus here, and that it wasn’t just on the guys.

The last few minutes of the episode see the characters from Karasuno reuniting with other characters that they’ve met throughout the series up to this point, including people Kageyama met during his training camp. There’s also an amusing scene with Ryu reuniting with a girl he hasn’t seen since fourth grade (since the Spring Tournament has matches for both boys’ teams and girls’ teams).

The episode ends with a “parade” of the representatives for each area, and we see that Hinata and Kageyama are psyched and ready to play volleyball.

I’d been wondering whether or not the Spring Tournament would begin in this cour or if it would wait until the next cour. I’m glad to see that this episode answered this question. My guess at this point is that the remainder of this cour and all of the next cour are going to focus on the Spring Tournament. And knowing how intense these upcoming matches are likely to be, it’s nice to see an episode like this one, which allows the audience to have a slight break from the action and watch something a little more light-hearted before the Spring Tournament actually gets underway.

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