The American-based online bookstore Glacier Bay Books has announced that it will release Glaeolia, a collection of indie manga, in English. The volume will feature more than 250 pages.

Glacier Bay Books describes the collection:

We’re proud to announce Glaeolia, a new 250+ page English-language collection of indie manga, with stories from Arantoochika, Hiuchi tana, Kawakatsu Tokushige, Masumura Jūshichi, mogcom, Moriizumi Takehito, Morita Rui, Okuda Akiko, Onta Niwako, Shinnosuke Saika, Yamakawa Naoto, and Yosomachi. These include self-published works (dōjinshi), as well as works selected from indie manga magazines and mainstream publishers. Each volume will be numbered from a limited print run of 300.

Glacier Bay Books stated the collection should be available to pre-order in early March 2020 through the company’s website.

Source: ANN