Case Closed: Episode 970 – “The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (Part Two)”

The episode opened with just enough of a recap to remind the audience of what happened during the previous episode. When the episode itself actually got going, it was surprising to learn that the company president, who had been hit on the head with a rock, wasn’t dead. He was simply unconscious and would live. With Case Closed‘s track record for murders, I thought for sure at the end of the previous episode that the company president had been killed.

The next day, Kogoro, Ran, Conan, the president’s daughter, and one of the employees are at the crime scene. The daughter’s boyfriend arrives, and with something seen at the crime scene, paired with information about the boyfriend’s profession, it’s thought that he might be the attacker. He adamantly denies it, but ends up admitting to the police that he was going to attempt to steal from the company’s safe. Let’s just say that this did not sit well with his girlfriend. I have a feeling that she ended up dumping the boyfriend after what we saw in the episode itself.

The daughter gets a call from Manabu, the guy who had faked his kidnapping in the previous episode. He claims to have his apprentice held hostage and demands ransom money. Conan, through some investigation of his own, determines where Manabu and his apprentice must be at, and he has Ran take him. And just by chance, Manabu bumps into them as he leaves a convenience store, and a chase leads them into a nearby science museum. Thanks to a convenient run-in with someone who has cola, Conan is able to use a substance that he borrowed from the children’s science museum to track Manabu’s footprints… which lead him to where Kogoro is about to deliver the ransom money.

After this, a lot of information comes out, and the truth of the case is revealed.

Maybe it was just me, but it felt like this part of the story relied a little too much on coincidence in order to bring everything together, especially when it came to Conan and Ran. They just happen to bump into Manabu, Manabu just happens to run into a guy with cola while being chased, which made it possible for Conan to get the substance (which just happened to be made at the children’s museum that day). See what I mean?

But I find it funny how Conan, when someone asks him how someone his age knows so much about something, keeps saying he saw it on television. LOL! But with the chemical from the children’s science museum, Conan says he learned about it in science class.

There was no preview at the end of the episode, so I’m guessing there may not be an episode next week. I’ll just have to check Crunchyroll next Saturday to find out whether there’s an episode or not.

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